Full Crate Delivers A ‘Fly’ Track

I've been becoming more acquainted with Full Crate who, along with FS Green, has a series of mixtapes, Mixing Monthly, that were recently mentioned as one my current faves. It's also been nice to hear that he's recently released a very delightful track onto the masses. "She Was Fly" is a collaboration with Dutch vocalist Mar, and I'm glad that it's been made available since it was featured on the last installment, Mixing Decembuary. The track is downtempo, but not boring. What it is, however, is expansive yet cozy. Perfect for long walks, contemplative moods, and times when you don't want to think about anything in particular. The video does a great job of depicting without dialogue what can best be described as the best date that never seems to end. In essence, very, very nice. 

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9 Responses

  1. thank you for reposting...illmami

  2. this appeared in my email a few days ago - i am in love with this song. and the video treatment is just wonderful.

  3. Well, I know what I'll be listening to for the next couple of weeks.

  4. Expresses the emotion i'm feeling right now and the mixtape or tapes are maddeningly hot. Had to get them all like Pokemon.

  5. i'm feeling this sound...thanks soul bounce for hooking me with them. i will be spreading the word

  6. Why isn't Moovmnt in your blogroll already? Those cats got it locked.

  7. picked this up from Moovmnt on Monday and put into rotation on my radio show the same night. Listener response was instant. This tune is niiice.

  8. I hope Full Crate & Mar are dropping more music like this in the future. Thnx Moovmnt for the heads up and Soulbounce too!

  9. Your link has expired or isn't working properly.