Get Jennifer Hudson’s Super Bowl National Anthem Performance On iTunes

Much has been said about Jennifer Hudson's performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at this past Sunday's Super Bowl. Was it live? Was it Memorex? At the end the day, does it really matter? JHud sung the draws off that song with a version that stood up there with the best of them (think Whitney in '91, Marvin in '83). And if you liked it as much as we loved it, then now you can own it. Jennifer's version of the National Anthem is now available for download from iTunes. All proceeds from the sale of the song will go to the Hudson-King Foundation, set up for Hudson's slain mother, brother and nephew. That's a worthy way to spend 99 cents.

Jennifer Hudson "The Star-Spangled Banner" [iTunes

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2 Responses

  1. enough all one person has a copyright on grief. Ms. Hudson has experienced a horrible tragedy but charging 99 cents for a rendition of the star spangled banner is unbelieveable. I googled her foundation and found out that: "The specific purpose of the Foundation is to care for the needs of families who have lost relatives to a violent crime," the family says in a statement. "This encompasses their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter as well as grief counseling."
    Sounds nobel enough but I could respect Ms. Hudson doing a public service announcement asking for donations then selling a version, this just does not sit well with me.......May God above continue to watch over this sista and provide her with some solace.

  2. I'm going to' throw caution to the wind' here: @stoneyisland, how could you possibly find anything wrong with this story or the song being on sale for .99? How?
    Whitney Houston's version from 1991(?) was sold as a single and I don't remember hearing anything about the proceeds going to a foundation. (correct me if I'm wrong)
    And if Jennifer or any member of her family did a "public service announcement" requesting donations, as you suggest, you would say she was exploiting her situation and begging for money. I mean, come on.
    But, back to my original statement: how could you find something wrong with this?