Happy 64th, Bob Marley!

bob-marley-scorsese.jpgBob Marley's influence and legacy is so strong that when I hear multi-generational die-hard fans speak about wishing he was still here you believe it and wish it, too. From his work with The Wailers to his solo career, the impact he made by bringing reggae and his loving, peaceful message to the world still resonates. Marley broadened the concept of revolutionary music, the image of a revolutionary, and the impact it could have across cultures and beyond music. His messages of freedom and pride that feel especially timely today--a testament to his talent and timeless humanity.

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  1. i'm posting, not only because Bob Marley was THAT DUDE, but also because i don't want the Bob Marley birthday post to have less comments than the Bob Brown birthday post.

  2. Happy birthday, Robert Nesta Marley. Thanks for bringing the music from a small island to worldwide prominence. Jah bless!

  3. It has always brought me great pleasure to share my birthday with this legendary man. He's so much cooler than Ronald Reagan!

  4. timeless
    relatable across cultures and generations
    love him

  5. more than a reggae artist, simply Bob was one of the best