Hip Hop Republicans Coming Soon To Your Hood

hiphop-john-macain.jpgMichael Steele, newly appointed first ever Black President to the Republican National Commitee, wants to count the Hip Hop community as one its valued members. Steele is one of the more liberal conservatives out there, and to prove it, the RNC has announced that it plans to actively recruit more of its members from the Hip Hop community. Specifically, Steele has stated that he wants to apply the RNC's principles "to urban-suburban Hip Hop settings." Not only will this active recruitment plan be "off the hook," but it will leave no one out, including "one-armed midgets." His inherent corniness notwithstanding, it certainly stands to reason that the RNC needs to do something to encourage a more inclusive, sympathetic tone when it comes to its image after the beating it took during this past election season. 

So while Daddy Yankee may have been down with John McCain, and Latinos are more apt to vote Republican than African-Americans as a whole, it seems quite interesting that the RNC seems to be wanting to take a page from Barack Obama's election campaign and attract voters with "avant-garde, technically speaking" recruiting methods which sound an awful lot like the interactive, internet-heavy campaign that launched Obama's platform and him squarely in the driver's seat as Commander-In-Chief. It certainly won't hurt to try to persuade Hip Hop voters to their side, but this may be too little, too late for an urban population for whom government is still largely looked upon with distrust. 

Republicans Seek More 'Hip Hop' Voters [HHDX]

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  1. Will this really work though? Hmmm....

  2. Yeah, I heard about this ridiculous brand of desperation on the Rachel Maddow Show a few nights back:
    My sista, Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell (always the brilliant one) hit the nail on the head when she said, "This is going to fail, but it's going to be so funny.--I can't wait to watch it happen!"
    I smell a new string of SNL sketches a-brewin'!

  3. see this is what i'm talking about--they can't reach out to the people in a way that is real or significant, so they have to try to do it in a corny and obtuse manner. you can't just use hip-hop as an inroad to help your cause, especially when you've purposely excluded it at every other juncture. that's not meaningful, it's marketing--and marketing at its most shameful and desperate. the Republican party as a whole is hustling (and doing just about everything else) backwards. is it any coincidence that this party has its first black chairman now? how convenient! all of these recent developments are only more proof that the Republicans are crazy fraudulent, so it's no wonder that they stay losing (in the eyes of most in the urban community).

  4. *rolls eyes* I was offended when they tried to pull a cheap stunt when they announced Palin for McCain's running mate, right after Hillary didn't get the nomination...and now that there's a black man in the Oval Office, they suddenly wanna reach out to the urban community? PANDERING...and that REALLY irks me. If it weren't for HIllary being passed over, or say it were Biden who were running the White House, there would've been no outreach. *grumbles* If those people ever really wanted to give a damn, they would've made these moves a LONG time ago. Heh...Daddy Yankee will be sure to help the GOP on their new mission. Heh.

  5. First I would like to say what a great article but I think its missing some details. First what is “Hip- Hop Republicanism” or aka Urban conservatism it is a movement within both Democrat & Republican circles. All you have to do is take a look at Newarks Cory Booker or Adrian Fenty to get a glimps.
    This movement was born out of a rebellion against the 40-plus years of bad leftist polices and years of mismanaged urban areas under Democrats. In his article “The Blueprint for Urban Conservatism?” Brandon Brice a Harlem Republican who describes himself as being a “Hip- Hop Republican” that given the economic trends of Hip Hop culture, since it’s inception, this one movement has created more African-American entrepreneurs than any other industry in America, which speaks to one of the reason for adopting the name.
    As with any business plan there must be a mission, thus the mission of the Urban Conservatism movement is to highlight real issues; healthcare affordability, fiscal responsibility, solutions to better inner city schools and job creation. Let’s think about the trends of economic activity in urban America.
    In 2007 Def Jam Chairman Russell Simmons created a credit based debt card for urban families to input funds on a card, without creating debt or overdraft fees, as a means to educate on financial literacy. In 2007, Atlanta rapper T.I. started T.I construction as a means to help recently released ex-convicts find employment. Def Jam South Rapper David Banner teaches low income residents in the south about the importance of saving and investing. Jay-Z, when he’s not on tour, gives more to Make A Wish, Brooklyn Public Schools and the Marcy projects than any other rap celebrity in the New York City area. So now that we’ve discovered that Hip Hop has not been the source of fault for urban America’s downfall; we can now consider the idea that neither the government and Wall Street had a hand in this decay..
    In reality, urban conservatism speaks to all of the issue’s in everyday neighborhoods by putting a direct spin on how to counter education, by offering advanced literature of Mac Beth and The Canterbury Tales in neighborhoods schools that never have considered this broad array of topics. The Urban Conservatism movement influences ex-gang members to put down the guns and pick up a book, or a pen to learn how to start their own legal businesses. This movement takes experts out of the hospitals to speak on pro-active health in local community centers. The movement utilizes media contacts, not for personal gain, but to address the crisis of housing affordability, or the need for prison reform so that tax payers aren’t baring the burden via tax dollars. The movement recognizes that America is changing and it’s time for the Republican Party to adapt to new solutions.
    Imagine if Hip Hop icons Jay-Z or Puff Daddy, gave concert tours on economic empowerment or how to start businesses, what influence could this create towards 10,000 young minorities under the age of 18.What makes this concept of Urban Conservatism unique is that it pushes minorities to become self sufficient and responsible. The blue print for urban conservatism is for the party to take on new problems in the 21st Century. The movement recognizes that Republicans can no longer run on set guidelines to win elections, but must solely run on the issues.

  6. I wonder if Mr. Steele will continue to employ the same deceptive tactics he (and/or his team) used to become Lieutenant Governor of Maryland i.e indirectly suggest, through campaign flyers, that both he and Governor Ulrich were Democrats in order to 'trick' Black voters on election day.