Hot Like Ayah: ‘A Peace For Gaza’ Wrap-Up


Last night's "A Peace For Gaza" concert was awesome!
Andrew at Roundtable Entertainment did a great job of helping out and promoting the event. Rafeef Ziadah, speaker for the Palestine House, was very informative and full of energy. DJ Agile did his thing on the one's & two's. Zaki Ibrahim and I had so much fun with the band. They did so well as you'll see after the bounce. And you know how
usually after a show people start to disperse out? Not this time, it was a

Below is a medley highlighting what went on last night. Enjoy! 🙂

Background vocals: Liya and Kyauna
Keys: Thompson Egbo Egbo
Bass: Randall Hall
Drums: Brandon

It was a great show. Thanks to all who came out!

Stay hot...

Like Ayah

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2 Responses

  1. Why did it have to be during the week maaaaan? I work and go to school! Actually... maybe the question I really should be asking is, why the hell do I live in Brampton? 🙁 Thanks for posting the video, girl!

  2. Thanx for giving us that ould not be there a peek on what went down...I'm glad that I was able to contibute in the way I did and I am very happy that I did so 🙂