Hot Like Ayah: In the Mix With Slakah the Beatchild


Where do I start with this dude right here? Slakah the Beatchild and I met a very long time ago when I was first starting my musical journey. OK, truth be told, I bugged the hell out of him. LOL One day I called Slakah to ask him how to install some engineering programs on my computer, and he was so annoyed with all my questions that he told me to just come by and he'd record me. So that's where this all began.

Slakah is a musical genius. Through him, I've grown. His love for music is pure--reminiscent of past legends. He is one of the most self-sufficient artists I have ever met and probably ever will. At the young age of 24 (one year older than I), he has created a sound all his own and continues to experiment with his art.

Although I know Slakah very well, I sat down with him so that I could give you all some insight into who he is. Below you will find our interview, an exclusive acoustic performance of a new song on his new LP, and his video for "What's This Feeling" off of the Soul Movement Vol. 1. 🙂

For more music/info/CD purchase info, check out Enjoy!

Peace & Love,

P.S. Stay hot... 🙂

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  1. Just listened to the song you did with him while I was at work, and loved it! He's a great producer.

  2. Slakah the Beatchild is that dude. Soul Movement Vol 1 is an excellent album. I'm definitely looking forward to more creative collaborations between you two.

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    It's good to see u youngins doin' y'all thang it jus' brings a smile to an oldhead like me 🙂 Keep on doing' your thang by bleesing the masses with beautiful & quality music 🙂