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First off, I gotta say thank you all for welcoming me in to the SoulBounce family! I truly appreciate it!
I'd like to address those of you who care deeply about the integrity
of SoulBounce, as so do I. It's quite interesting to be referred to as
eye candy (although it's nice to, seeing as I don't see myself that
way really. I take pride in being a business woman. I am my own business manager, booking agent and A&R, in addition to being a writer, a youth worker, a behavioral therapist and more. I take my roles seriously and hope that I can add
something to SoulBounce and never take away.

What's on my mind...

I'm trying to get into Twitter, but I'm not sure I love it. Most of the time it
feels like I'm talking to myself, then I get bored, then I log off. LOL Come follow me at AyahMusic--maybe I'll start liking it better!

Take a moment to reminisce on what Dilla has given us. I was
a newer fan seeing as I lived in the Middle East half of my life, but
a fan nonetheless and I am so grateful for the music he left behind.

I'm originally Palestinian, and I have been affected by what has been
happening there for the longest time. The latest tragedy, the Gaza
situation, has lit a fire under my behind and I have to do something. It's
easy for us to sit in our comfortable boxes and do nothing. I refuse to
be that person. With that said, for those of you who are in Toronto
please come out and support "A Peace For Gaza" on February 25. For those of you who
are not in Toronto but would like to support, please go to and click to buy tickets as a donation. Thank you in advance, and I hope I see you there!



I'm currently working on a couple projects that I can't wait to share with everyone. In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a treat. You might recognize this song. 🙂 Hope you like my version!

Ayah: "Rock With You" prod. by Slakah the Beatchild

Until next time,
Stay Ayah 🙂

(That's my new ending tag line like all those reality shows! LOL)

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  1. oh man. you killed "Rock With You!" i love what you brought to it.

  2. Hey Ayah!
    What Sup! I see you and great to see you getting ur blog on! Also, happy Soul Bounce got someone repping for the north. Hopefully now we get some more coverage on the site. You can tell someone to answer my emails. LOL

  3. Avatar

    I support the Palestinian people. Obviously the amount of military power being used against the territory by Israel in retaliation for the rocket attacks is disproportionate in comparison.
    However I feel the Palestinians are ill served by their elected government. I'm not sure why Hamas was voted into office, they offer the people nothing and seem hell bent on causing more war and destruction. I would like to see the next election bring the Fatah party back into power and focus on more moderate factions within the country. While Fatah is by no means perfect, they at least "try". I hope Obama is serious about working with both countries and trying to bring peace to the region. With Hamas in power and the continued rocket attacks, Israel will continue using disproportionate military power on the territory. While the leaders of Hamas hide out in Egypt and Syria, the people are the ones who have their lives and property destroyed.
    Also the recent election in Israel has brought a more right wing government into power. They have vowed to "regime change" Palestine and go after Hamas militarily. That means more death and destruction for the people. Time is running out, the Palestinian people need to reject Hamas. Isarael should be ashamed for their actions, and tried for war crimes. Lots of blame to go around

  4. Nice to see toronto represented soooooo lovely. I still can't get over
    the cover to problem woman ! Where were u when i was at york u or hangin on yonge st ?!? Can't wait for the next mixtape !

  5. Beautiful rendition, Ayah!

  6. Lo, dar, Click, Thanks for listening everyone! 🙂
    You've gotta thank SoulBounce for having me here! 🙂
    @Mike, I went to GBC sister stil goes to York 🙂
    @Mutada, I agree the govt systems are corrupt. That is the problem. They breed hate...this is a war that has been going for way too long...what it's going to take to stop it....i'm not sure..but i hope we can what we A Peace for Gaza and alike fundraisers/organizations. 🙂
    You all are going to love next weeks entry 🙂
    Thanks for checking up, stay tuned! or shall i say, stay hot? lol

  7. I'm really liking the idea of an artists post over here, gives a bit of a different perspective on things. After the Problem Woman mixtape i cannot wait for the next installment.
    "I'm trying to get into Twitter, but I'm not sure I love it. Most of the time it feels like I'm talking to myself, then I get bored, then I log off."
    ...i feel exactly the same LOL

  8. Ooh, controversy...
    We shouldn't forget that Gaza democratically voted for Hamas in elections, meanwhile Israel builds giant prison walls and enforces segregation and restriction of movement (like South Africa), while stealing Palestinian land and inflicting a death-toll of 10-1. I don't think the US can ever act as honest broker while it continues to give one side 30% of its foreign aid budget and favors the interests of Israelis almost as domestic policy, does anyone actually believe they can?
    Can we change that......?
    Anyway, back to the music...

  9. where can I download this joint?

  10. I will upload Rock With You to Zshare today and post the link for you!
    Nonplussed, I dont think we can change that....consider this, If the US gives ISraeli Gov't money and weapons, and the Palestinian army/gov't has a mere portion of that and so are then rendered defenseless, they will be succeptable to Hamas, who will defend them...if no one else will defend you, what will you do? Let the children fight the tanks with rocks in hand? It's sad......
    I'm actually getting more into Twitter..i got carried away last night lol.....Got hit with the Twitter addict

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    Ayah, just listed to the song. You sound great, the male vocals at the top .. Am i hearing that right ? They sound great as well. Congrats

  12. Thanks for your grace in responding Ayah.
    Those people have been playing on my mind a lot.
    But this isn''t the forum for that discussion, and that is not why you are here, so let's just say I look forward to your postings.

    You can download Rock WIth You at this link!!
    THanks all 🙂

  14. I equate the people of Palestine with the plight of black people here in America. The Bush administration gave the Isreali government a free pass on killing innocent civilians, they are the terrorist as far as I am concerned. I cant sit here and say who to blame the most, the isreali government or hamas, but until the mind set changes, thousands of innocent people on both sides will continue to die. Until change comes we must continue to get in our representatives asses, the only solution will be a diplomatic one, not a war.