Hot Like Ayah: New Music News


I'm sick this week. The flu has caught up with me. I was going to
video blog, but the sight of Kleenex and sickness is better kept off
camera! LOL
To be honest, what's been on my mind lately is the release of my upcoming project, 4:15 am. It is going to be released on 04/15/09, and I can't wait for you all to hear it and I definitely hope you like it!
It features production from greats like Slakah The Beatchild, Thrysite, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lyve, and Hazel. Sometimes it's good to work with one producer for an album, but on
this one everyone contributed in their own way to make it
something spectacular. At least in my opinion--hopefully you all will feel the same way.

Coming soon is also the release of the "Believe" video and some new music for everyone to get into. And by "soon" I mean this week! Are you as excited as I am? 😀
On another note, this is really random, but I just wanted to tell you about what happened to me this weekend.
The most beautiful cat found itself to my porch Sunday, as cats sometimes do, but this time, he was really cold as we're at something like
-5 or -10 degrees. The kitty was shivering, unable to move, and crying so I had to do
something. I took it in, wrapped it up well, put the cat in a carry
crate and kept it until animal control picked it up yesterday morning. This cat must have had 29 lives, to have been able to brave the
winter thus far. It was clearly a house cat that someone either lost or threw
I just wanted to say, don't be responsible for lives you can't take care of. Animals, kids, whatever the case--just don't. I guess this relates to a lot of your comments on the last blog I wrote about parents' responsibility for their children. I agreed with you.
Thanks for your input always.
Talk soon!
Stay Ayah 🙂


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  1. There was a female group here in germany a few years ago called no angels, you look just like one of the sista's in that group. Hope you feel better, if you need some chicken soup and alot of TLC run me your address:-)

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    Have not had the flu since 02, but I feel your pain ! Look forward to the album, Ummmm super props for working with Jazzy Jeff, -> He is Legend. LOL

  3. Can't wait for the new music! LOVED the Problem Woman mixtape.
    Canada are taking over the soul-scene at the moment, some great music!