Hot Like Ayah: Thinking About The Future, Remembering The Past


A couple of things have been on my mind lately, the first is technology.
In this age and time, it isn't uncommon to be introduced to new
technology every day. Life is changing fast and so is technology. I think I've lost track. The internet, iPhones, iPods, touch screens, flat
screens, GPS, etc. Where does it end? What if it
doesn't? I doubt it will, but is that good or bad? It wasn't so long ago when people feared that technology would
take over the jobs and duties of humans and be a lot more efficient.
I'm wondering, what's next? What's it going to be like for my children
and their children? It's an interesting concept, that soon I will be an
elder reminiscing on "back in the day" and how we had to drive 10 miles to work
and use MacBooks and iPhones instead of...what? Where is it going?
Where are we going? Here's an idea, lemme know what you think.

I've been doing Black History Month shows in high schools this
month, giving the youth information about how urban music started and what
black people have been through in the past and accomplished.
Yesterday my colleagues were educating a class about lynching and slavery, and
they played Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit." I teared up during the song because I'm
emotional lately--OK, I always am--but especially lately
because of what's going on in Gaza and so on. And this kid behind me
laughed! He laughed. This young black man laughed. I wondered if this was
this young man's defense mechanism? Was he too young to understand? Was he
scared? His teacher told him to stop laughing as it was not funny, and
it just left me thinking about him and the youth these days. What will it take
to help these youth, whose realities are simpler than those of the past
and who may take what they have for granted?

The young women and men don't understand that what they do
today affects their future. They don't understand that they are the future. They are
being brainwashed by the media with shallow ideas about what life is
really about. I wish somebody told me about priorities when I was
younger. Please do your part to educate and be strong mentors for the
youth in our lives who may be watching. Because if today is any reflection of tomorrow, then we're in trouble.
Just some things that were on my mind today...
Stay hot... 🙂


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  1. We as a society cant continue to blame the youth for everything thats wrong today. The blame starts with the lazy ass parents who never instilled any discipline or respect in their bad ass kids! we live in a society where being a gentlemen makes you soft or a punk, were sistas think posing half ass naked makes them powerful and in control. The world is a sad place and until we as parents start to take responsibility for what our kids do, we wil continue in this downward spiral. Stop trying to be your kids best friends and be their parents. Kids need love but they also need discipline, the next time your son or daughter is running around like they dont have the good sense the lord gave them, go right upside their heads, I promise not to call the police, hell I might even buy you a drink:-)

  2. qudos @ stoneyisland. i was just arguing with a parent on how cursing in front of her child was dangerous to his character build-up, which will cause a lack of respect for women as he grow up. she basically argued that her son lives in the "hood" and that she doesn't want people to think her son was gay or soft. WTF?! then later i saw a woman telling her 2 yr. old daughter to shut the F up before she slaps the sh!t out of her. REALLY...WTF?!

  3. The kid's not symptomatic of anything other than his own teenage idiocy. Good for you for standing up and trying to spread some wisdom. As they say, "the past is another country' and everyone has to discover it for themselves. But there are many wonderful, clever, thoughtful and funny kids out there too and we should have faith and show them the alternatives to the lowest common denominator, that's OUR duty to THEM and one of the ways is Black History Month and the fostering of self-belief, pride and aspiration. Credit to you. On the technology front, we're living in a time where every day brings a new means of delivering creative work. Problem is that's where they're putting all the money, into the gadgetry, while creator budgets are slashed. So we/they rip-off, recycle, "reference" what was innovative without investing in a creative inheritance for the future. It's the message not the messenger; what are all these new toys going to play?

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    My thoughts on what is going on today is from what the kids see, they all begins at home, if there's no one at home to teach them..they will look elsewhere, such as the streets, videos and etc.
    We as a whole, when we have the chance to teach a child or tell a child a something we can't be afraid to tell them or share with them our experiences as a person/people.
    I had a similar experience a few years ago when a child was laughin' when the subject of lynchin' was being dicussed...So to deal with the kids that were laughin' we took them on a trip to the Black Wax Museum in Baltimore and they have a lynchin' exhibit there we viewed the exhibit , the same kids that were laughin' had tears and then the questions started to flow...Alot of what are kids do is due to a lack of like the it says "Each One, Teach One" we have to live up to it, it's more than just a saying on a t-shirt or bumper sticker or sum cool sh*t to say.
    I applaud you and your friends on educating the children 🙂
    Continue to do what you are doing , you are taking the light that has shined on you and letting it shine on those in need 🙂