Jazmine Sullivan’s All Smiles, Cool With Her Grammy Nominations

First of all, how cute is Jazmine Sullivan with her husky voice and excited grin in this interview with the Associated Press? In it she discusses her five (deserved) Grammy nominations, and the diverse musical influences that helped make the album such a success. She remains humble and sassy, citing her surprise that audiences liked her first single, the reggae-influenced "Need U Bad," and noting that pressures of a sophomore slump don't phase her because she's a fighter. As one of the strongest new artists of the last few years, it's a pleasure to believe her. [H/T: NFDK]

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    Still so happy for Jazmine, I think she'll definitely take home a few of the Grammys she's nominated for. Also as crucial as the sophomore album is to an artist's career, I really think she's one who deserves to not be the least bit worried. I see nothing but greatness for her career as long as she keeps working with the right folk.

  2. Beautiful, talented, nice attitude, wifey material:-)