Keelay & Zaire Bring Us ‘The Times’

Although this video has been out for more than a minute, it's worth posting because it's been picking up rotation on a few music video networks and because the album it's from, Ridin' High, is set to come out in a few weeks. In it Keelay & Zaire walk us around the streets of San Francisco as they reflect on "The Times." Blu and Fortilive also spit some verses as the soulful Nino Moschella sings amidst the stylized cityscape. It's a nice video, and the song proves that the album should be worth checking out when it officially drops. Until then you can check out this audio sampler of the album to get your Keelay & Zaire fix.

Keelay & Zaire

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4 Responses

  1. I diiiiiiiiiig this. And the audio sampler is nice.

  2. Thanks Soulbounce for postin! Yall the troof, haha

  3. Soulbounce, yall stay on it! Thanks for the support!!


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