Morning Soul: C’mon, Baby, Do It

  • Congratulations to Deborah Cox, who just gave birth to her third child, Kaila Michelle. [BET]
  • MC Hammer, Kris Kross or Kanye--who tops your list for the worst Hip Hop fashion trends? [SC]
  • INTERNET BEEF ALERT: If you were on Twitter last night, you may have caught Noreaga get into it with Perez Hilton. [PBB]
  • It took some litigation to get Ticketmaster to end some of its shady practices, but they are moving in the right direction. [BB]
  • Since being emancipated from Matthew, Kelly Rowland has landed a judge gig for a new reality show with Isaac Mizrahi. [C+D]

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3 Responses

  1. Kanye has a fashion sense like liberace, Kriss Kross had grown ass men wearing their shirts backwards:-) so I dont know which is worse, on one hand Kriss Kross were kids, Kanye is a grown ass man who seems to think wearing shit from the 80's is what hot in the streets. I'm here to tell him no, it's not. Hammer definately makes the list with his trade mark baggy pants, I absolutely cant understand why I rocked a pair back in the day:-)

  2. Kanye's fashion sense is about as backwards as Kris Kross' clothes. no, some of his stuff is fresh . . . SOME. i think it's just that Kanye seems to give off this vibe like everything he does is the ish. that's what separates his style from say, an Andre 3000, who can wear whatever he wants and it's no big deal to me because it's no big deal to him. you feel what i'm saying? with 3 Stacks, even though he's trying to get his design thing off as well, there's significantly less pretense. that counts for a lot with me.

  3. Congrats to Kelly. Maybe her record company can get her teamed up with Target as Isaac has a clothing line through the company and as Beyonce and Clan have nothing to do with Target....they are straight Wal-Mart, all day, everyday LOL But yeah, maybe she can really get some things popping in her career post-Knowles & Co.