Morning Soul: Ice Cream Castles In The Summertime

5 Responses

  1. Morris Is Sooooo Cool, What Time Is It???!!!!

  2. Ice cream castles in the summer tiiiiiiiiiiiime:-) this was my joint back in the day thanks for the VH1 moment. Let me go pull out my silk suits:-)

  3. The Time was the shit back in the day, i'm a have go dust off my silk suits:-) as for Michael Jackson, seriously how many of you would actuallu pay to see this former shell of the Michael we all grew up with? I wouldnt go to one of his concerts if the tickets were free. Not to mention he only tours when he needs serious money, he lost never neverland, the black graceland as I like to call it:-) they just auctioned off his world famous glove and alot of other stuff, you know it's a recession when Michael Jackson has money problems.

  4. they may be able to give the definition of "blue eyed soul" but in their essential artists they left off one of the greatest blue eyed soul men evar---Michael McDonald.

  5. Studpoet you aint never lied Michael Mcdonald, bobby caldwell, darryl hall just to name a few....................