Morning Soul: Think About You All the Time

7 Responses

  1. Ah, this Troop song takes me back to my college days, sitting on the stoop of my dorm singing with my friends.
    And not only is Lil Kim a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, but so is Steve-O, Lawrence “LT” Taylor and David Allen Grier. Let the f*ckery begin!

  2. She's going to far w/Angela Davis. Too far!
    Nice that J-Hud will be touring with Robin in the spring.

  3. Angela Davis? Her sporting an afro in Goldmember is not cause for this.

  4. I hate to say it, but Beyonce's acting is the same as what Curtis said about Deena's voice. "It has no depth." Every role she's ever had, she's played it stilted. I don't want to see Angela Davis played stilted.

  5. trill talk . . . i think i'd rather see Beyonce portray MILES Davis than Angela Davis.

  6. AHhhh it's funny I was watching The Jacksons All I Do and I like their better !lol.But love Troop

  7. Beyonce. *sigh* Let her have it, I say. Take it and run with it girl. *sighs again*
    Amen, sucks to be you Chris Brown. Interesting how one moment can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Sad. 🙁
    JHud and Robin? I might actually have to get out and see this one. Wanted to see him when he toured with Beyonce, but didn't care about seeing Beyonce so no-go with that one.
    David Alan Grier on "Dancing With the Stars", I am SOOOO ready for this foolishness right 'chere!