New Videos From Lemar, Brick & Lace, Jadakiss & Scorcher

Get your passports ready because this week's new video roundup is an international affair. First stop is the UK with a new video from Lemar who is feeling the "Weight of the World"
after losing his lady love--literally. This is a heavy video, but nonetheless enjoyable if for no other reason than to stare at Lemar. The next passport stamp is coming from Jamaica with a new video from the sister duo Brick & Lace who show that they are "Bad To Di Bone" off their dancing skill alone. The next video is domestic, featuring NY's own Jadakiss with his newest for "Can't Stop Me." And taking us roundtrip back to England is rapper Scorcher with the video for his song "I Know." Until next time, thank you for flying SoulBounce Air.   

Lemar: "Weight of the World"

Brick & Lace: "Bad To Di Bone"

Jadakiss: "Can't Stop Me"

Scorcher: "I Know"

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2 Responses

  1. big fan of lemar. wishing he'd get some shine over here in the states. not too fond of this last cd though. evidently, neither is the uk, considering it hasn't done much over there either. nice video though.

  2. The new Jadakiss album is gonna be the biggest NYC seller since 50 back in the day. Jada has finallly learned how to make a complete album, this single is extremely hot and contagious, it's gonna cause mayhem in the clubs


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