Rumor Control: Adele Has No Plans To Work With Estelle

adele_shoulder.jpgFor all those who got excited when they heard the widely reported news that British singers Adele and Estelle would sing a duet together at some point this year, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's not gonna happen in this lifetime. In an exclusive interview that I did with the double Grammy winner for Clutch Magazine, I asked Adele if this collaboration with Estelle was fact or fiction and she had this to say:

Clutch: Is it true that you'll be working with fellow British Soul singer Estelle on some new music or was that just a rumor?

Adele: No, I don't know where that came from. No, I'm not.

Clutch: OK, so that was just a rumor.

Adele: Yeah.

Clutch: Would you like to work with Estelle at some point?

Adele: I'd do a collaboration with her--maybe like a live
collaboration. I wouldn't do a track with her, but I'd do a live thing
with her. Yeah. She'd be really fun live. She always wears amazing
dresses as well.

So there you have it, folks, straight from the source. Adele has little
to no interest in linking up with Estelle on a record, but she digs her fashion sense. If it's any consolation, perhaps they'll appear together live on stage one day with the possibility of Adele embarrassing Estelle in real-time with her vocal prowess.  

Adele: Chasing Pavements, Catching Grammys [CM]

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5 Responses

  1. I figured such a collaboration would never happen considering what Estelle had to say about "blue eyed soul

  2. I love both ladies, but I don't think it would be a good match anyway

  3. Yeah I knew that would never materialize...Estelle should have watched her mouth...besides, she just doesn't have the vocals to keep up with Adele.
    I'd rather hear Adele and Jazmine Sullivan...
    Butta, any plans on writing up or researching how Jazmine's management/label bungled the entire process of her album.
    -How they leaked singles early enough but left "Need you Bad" out there entirely too long. Not enough serious singles released before nominations. How they didn't tour her in the right cities/venues. She should have been spot dated with at least two or more "Pop" artists on tour. Instead of so heavily in the black club circuit. Tell me if you see one clip of her on Youtube not in a black club? Not that there's nothing wrong with that but if you are to be taken seriously as a multi-plat artist, you have to do some festivals, a date or two in Europe, Leno, Half time show, Anthem. I've seen some creative dates at schools and what not but that has to be followed with star power moves.
    Not say that Adele did, but for the most part she didn't have to because of the wide appeal of her initial single was catered to be taken serious by a wide range. The urban contemporary crowd would have always been there for Jaz, that's why tackling the Pop market with Lion, Tigers, and Bears would have been ultimately the better move.

  4. Damn she straight shut Estelle down "I wouldnt do a track with her" That's kinda rude!

  5. Hell you could see that by the air hug they gave at the grammy's


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