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james_morrison.jpgI have a real affinity for the Brits. From Simply Red, Sade and Loose Ends to the newer crop of singers and musicians, there is a lot of quality steadily streaming from across the pond, in multiple genres. However, no other British musician has resonated more with me recently than rock & soul singer James Morrison.

James' gruff singing voice captures you. Not unlike a more soulful Rod Stewart (had he not gone the corny oldies route), James Morrison can take full command of a tune with his distinctive tone, as shown on his debut single, "You Give Me Something." He sings with the strength and conviction of someone beyond his 24 years.

James Morrison released his second album, Songs for You, Truths for Me in September of 2008. James took his sound (and his songwriting) to a higher level, as evident on the duet with Nelly Furtado, "Broken Strings." It's nice to see a young and gifted musician not suffer from the dreaded sophomore jinx, all while attempting to broaden his fan base here in the states. If you like your blue-eyed soul a little more traditional and dynamic, I implore you to give James a spin.

James Morrison [Official][MySpace]
James Morrison Songs for You, Truths for Me [Amazon]


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  1. Simple. Spare. Nice.

  2. I remember you had a blog a few months ago around the time Pres. Obama won, about what happen to love songs....I think they are all in the seems like all of these artists coming over here are channeling the soul music from the 50s, 60s, and early to mid 70's. This music is always so beautiful....I know you showcase a lot of unseen talent in music, and I appreciate that...but maybe some of the artist here in the states should start singing about love in a very real way, rather than everything being hyper sexualized or autotuned to death....because even when some of the underground artist get a shot to make it big, they change their sound into to this r.kelly b.s. take for instance Raheem D. he was so much soulful on his previous albums and his first popular one i feel like he conformed! It's sad before you know it all this site is going to be able to refer to real soul, is gonna be blue eyed soul, cause they are taking our artist down one by one.

  3. I think what also makes a differnce, is that these folks are using real instruments.

  4. James Morrison is great, but if you haven't heard, let me hip you to Paolo Nutini. He's a Brit/Scot/Irish and his voice is WAYYYYYYYY beyond his years. He's only like 23 years old and was younger than that when his first album came out. I have his record on REPEAT. First time I heard him I thought I was listening to some old school soulster singing the blues. I tell you, he's amazing. Writes his own song; has a wonderful, wonderful hand. The boy goes DEEP. And he plays instruments. He's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, just like Morrison 🙂

  5. i have Paolo's record, and i'm wondering when the second one is coming out. he's dope. actually, i think i'm gonna put that on now. xO)

  6. His voice is wonderful. I'm going to buy his album.

  7. Yo, SoulBounce & I must have some weird ESP thing goin' on lately. I swear I was just singing "You Give Me Something" in the shower earlier today & wondering what happened to James. That song was a part of the soundtrack to my college graduation! I fell in love the state-side video. big ballroom...extremely romantic. James has such a passionate soulful voice. I thought "You Give Me Something" should've recieved a Grammy nom if not a win in '07. It was so different from anything that was out at that time. Loved "Wonderful World" too.
    Anyway, I can't wait to see what mah boy does this time around. Sounds like he's off to a great start. SB, I'm so bringing back the "cool points" scale just for this post. 100!!!

  8. Paolo Nutini is scottish/italian!


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