Surprise Your Sweetie With Scintillating Gifts For Valentine’s Day

It's inescapable. Don't deny it. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Valentine's Day is tomorrow and whether you're in it to win it or would rather sit this one out, someone you know will likely be batting their eyelashes hard enough to cause a slight breeze in your direction. Yes, it's the day before Cupid will be shooting arrows with reckless abandon, and you know we've got you covered. But these are not the usual red hearts and red roses gifts. These are gifts with your inner audiophile in mind. 

tribe_Jordans.jpgFirst up is the "Midnight Marauders Air Jordan I" shoe by Nike. Is that A Tribe Called Quest Low End Theory background making you fiend for "Check The Rhyme"? Of course it is! Are these stupid fresh? Yes! Are they retro yet updated in all the right ways? Yes! Even down to the $110 sticker price that Jordans retailed for back when Mars Blackmon was doing Nike commercials. Make you sure you deliver these to your beloved with the J.Period The [Abstract] Best (Mixtape) and you'll be golden. [FM]

gabriel-urist-wu-tang-1.jpgHave an inner Wu-Tang Clan fetish that you just can't shake? Know someone for whom rumors of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 for the past 13 years was met with irrepressible excitement? Then have we got the perfect gift! Straight from the 36 Chambers comes the Wu-Tang Jewelry Collection by Gabriel Urist. Featuring earrings, rings, and necklaces, this could make a certain editor of this site a very happy woman, but I'm not naming any names. *wink* [KB]

lw_chocolate_lrg.jpgNow this gift? Wow. It's definitely for those who love a certain type of man. The type of man who has a mouthful of gold teeth. Or has tattoos everywhere but his eyelids (that we know of). Or likes to partake in codeine-laden cough syrup. And is a Grammy-award winning Hip Hop artist who will soon make a foray into Rock music. That's right. You guessed it! It's a Lil Wayne chocolate bar! While we're not sure the grade of chocolate that was used, here's to hoping it doesn't taste like Dutch Masters and old bong water. Yum. [SC]

fe.totb.panty.jpgLast but certainly not least is a product from a duo who are near and dear to our hearts. From The Foreign Exchange comes "Take Off The Blues" Carolina blue boy shorts! There is something, however, a bit wrong about this item. While we're loving the tongue-in-check nature of rocking these underthings while we sip hot cocoa, snuggle with our boos, and possibly take off some thangs, we have to wonder...were these made with knowledge of the average woman's anatomy in mind? By looking at the photo, methinks not. They do come in XL, but the jury's out as to whether those are enough letters to cover what needs to be covered. But at least we can get all romantic to Leave It All Behind and dream of some "Something To Behold" brassieres or "Sweeter Than You" chocolate-dipped strawberries for future Valentine's Day gifts. [NM

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  1. dag. i can't decide which of things i most would like to treat myself to. maybe the wu-tang jewelry, i wish that would've been out when i was in ninth grade.


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