Teedra Moses Puts It ‘In the Wind’ For New Orleans


Despite not releasing an album since her 2004 game-changing debut, Complex Simplicity, Teedra Moses has put out mixtapes at a steady clip. Her latest, Lionhearted, is volume three in the Young Hustla series, which have taken our mind off of the fact that her sophomore set, The Young Lioness, is caught in the Matrix. On the song "Put It In the Wind" from Lionhearted, Teedra puts on for her city--the city of her birth, that is--New Orleans. She interpolates some Marvin Gaye lyrics on the track and even spits a few bars as she sings about her birthplace in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since there's no telling when or if The Young Lioness will see the light of day, pick up this mixtape to tide you over till then from Teedra's MySpace page.

Teedra Moses: "Put It In the Wind"

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15 Responses

  1. this shit is fire. Go Teedra!

  2. Teedra's mixtape are better than 93% of the music being pushed. That girl can write a song and the production is always crisp.

  3. Dis iz niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  4. Avatar

    Ouch ! Are the claps loud enough or should we turn them up some more ? Nice vocals, lyrics and melody

  5. pound for pound the baddest sista doing it right now. So slept on it should be illegal.......................

  6. love this girl! love this track!

  7. Still bump Complex Simplicity. Hope she finds a new label because her music is ten times better than the garbage that's all over radio today.

  8. I bought the mixtape!Support Teedra!

  9. Teedra Moses' talent makes me speechless. Complex Simplicity is a timeless CD, and that says a lot in this day and age. I cannot get over the fact that she's slept on as an artist.

  10. I remember when I heard "Caution" for the first time - I absolutely fell in love! I can't wait for the second album. Love you Teedra!

  11. I knew you guys wouldn't let me down. The way I know this girl is times, I didn't start repping for her until 2007, and she came out in 2004. She's one of the best vocalists in the world. I love her.

  12. mannnn i swear imma find a way to get her name out there, I LOVE TEEDRA MOSES and have been a fan of hers since complex simplicity.. good grief she is THE ABSOLUTE BEST... i must say yes, i am a true stan of her amazing work!!!!!

  13. Cop Lionhearted... a must for mixtapes. And you don't get that many R&B ones coming around. What Would Minnie Riperton Do 🙂 if she was alive in these times, do the same thing? You must check our also her duet with Raheem DeVaughn "Get Yours". Sexy Soul Personified. This is the ish Grammy nominations are made of.

  14. I LOOOVE TEEDRA>>.... I had to search high and low for her first cd in 06 before it was on itunes... and i have bought her vol2 from her myspace page... i cant wait to her second album comes out.. and if you send her a msg on myspace she will respond back...I love her flava..I have turned all my friends on to her and will continue to get the buzz out there .. I just love good music and she is the TRUTH..


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