Tyler Perry Wants to Help J-Hud Shoot Herself in the Foot


Tyler Perry has publicly expressed that he's written one of his million dollar country-fried masterpieces with Jennifer Hudson in mind. Also, he's stated they have a mutual interest in working with each other. Luckily, their schedules have prevented this idea from becoming a reality. (We wonder if J-Hud is avoiding him, much in the same way our President avoided Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson during the course of his campaign.) While we respect the work ethic of Mr. Perry and his ability to hit with an untapped market of Black, movie-going Christians, the thought of Jennifer Hudson carrying an entire movie on her back like Angela Bassett gives us pause. Not to mention, Fantasia seems a little more Tyler Perry-ready, don'tcha think? [PEOPLE]

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  1. don't you dare subject Fantasia to Tyler. lol

  2. Stay away Hudson stay away!

  3. YEs take cousin cookie (Fantasia) she has Tyler Perry movie written all over her.

  4. God, just the thought of Fantasia breaking every verb known to man in a Tyler Perry film makes me cringe.

  5. Personally- I think Jennfier Hudson's acting skills are right on par with a Tyler Perry movie.....I didn't see her in the Bees movie, so I don't know if she was any better than she was in SaTC or Dreamgirls, but I can't really imagine...

  6. I agree with DLS77. As much as I LOATHE TP and his simple movies, I have to respect him for having the number 1 movie with a $40 million box office opening, he employs underused black actors (hopefully he compensates them well), and he is Oprah approved.
    Plus how can J Hud think she is beyond a TP movie when Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, and Angela Bassett have starred in his features?

  7. It kind of bothers me that TP wants to profit from JHud's pain. I remember him saying similar things about using Jill Scott in his movie while she was going through her divorce and how she was able to tap into her real life to bring realness to her emotional scenes in the movie. That doesn't sit well with me.

  8. Help J-Hud Shoot Herself in the Foot.....U GOT MY ATTENTION!!

  9. I think I speak for a lot of people.....WE ARE TIRED OF TYLER PERRY. I think I also speak for a lot of people ...Fantasia looks like a ninja turtle.

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    If she can play a “mammy/nanny” to Dakota in “Bees”, I don’t see what the harm would be?
    Damn that Pic of J-Hud is HEAVILY photo shopped, that doesn’t even look like a real person.
    Good grief
    I took one of my Grandmothers to see Madea this weekend. (I am soooooooo blessed to have both my Grandmothers "alive and kicking" !), The movie was Hilarious, we laughed hard that night . Easily one of his best films to date. I'm not on the "hate TP" bandwagon Do you black man..

  11. that's what's up, Mutada.