Van Hunt Releases A Plethora Of New Music For Your Pleasure

VanHunt_balcony.jpgIt's been three years since Van Hunt has released any new material, and--as one of his many fans--the void he has left is palpable. Sure, his unreleased Popular, a fatality of a split with his then record label was a major blow, but if you're as talented as this man, you continue to hone your craft and don't look back. Quietly, last week saw the announcement via his MySpace page that he would be posting new, unreleased tracks on his MySpace music player and invited "music pirates" to rip the songs from the music player. Then this past weekend, on Valentine's Day no less, he posted the four-song Lamplighter EP on MySpace that has since also been ripped and distributed widely. It's nothing less and nothing more than what you would expect, meaning it's sexy, sultry, smooth, and seductive. "Half The Fun" featuring Count Bass D is a personal favorite and brings back memories of a certain bushy, afroed Soul singer writhing about on the floor. "Next Year" is another favorite of mine that has a certain voyeuristic quality that is again, undoubtedly sexy. The four track EP is no longer available for listening on his MySpace page, but if you're a highly-skilled Google sleuth, you may just stumble upon it. Until then, enjoy some treats below.  

Van Hunt feat. Count Bass D: "Half The Fun"
Van Hunt: "Next Year"

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7 Responses

  1. I was wondering where he was hiding. I see he getting his grown man, chocolate wolverine of soul on. . .

  2. See? The music industry officially s.u.c.k.s. How in the world can such a talented musician be forced to do this? Van is the truth--and these songs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them... I'm not very good at the internet sleuthing, but I sure would pay good money for that EP.

  3. oh, thank goodness he's back. Thanks for the tips, SB.

  4. these labels are worse than the automakers. in the true spirit of capitalism, i say let a failing entity fail. people like Van Hunt will find their way through the wilderness.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Denene....VAN HUNT IS THE TRUTH. I'm friended to him on 'myspace' and lately I've had him in constant rotation. "On the Jungle Floor" = fcking AWESOME. He had one posted on his myspace called "Monster" and I was so in love with that song; in love with him and his artistry. I'm glad he's still creating...but he's an artist; it's not like he has a choice. And I too would pay good money (export prices) for that last CD that was shelved.

  6. aaaah i still bump popular like it came out yesterday! thank you SB

  7. Actually, "Half The Fun" is on Count Bass D's album from a few years back...