Amel Larrieux Has Us Feeling The ‘Glow’

As I write this, I've listened to this track about seven times in a row. That's how hot Amel Larrieux's "Orange Glow" is. In fact, it's so hot I couldn't bare to post the entire track. You cats need to buy it! Amel recently posted on her blog that she's releasing a digital single per month for the next four months, of which "Orange Glow" is the first. But fear not, Amel fans, she fully intends to release a full album later in the year. In the meantime, get into the "Glow," which is a little funkier that what we've come to love her for.

Amel Larrieux: "Orange Glow" (snippet)

Amel Larrieux [Official][Myspace]
"Orange Glow" [iTunes]

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  1. Got it this morning, and u r sooooo right. This track is hot like fire. Like an Orange Glow...It's burning, It's burning!!!!

  2. i was so ready for this. Amel can do no wrong.

  3. Avatar

    I like this... vocals sound nice and the beat is funky ...

  4. This joint right here is TOO funky! I love it!

  5. Hmmm. I like.

  6. Not sure if it's me but I couldn't understand half of what she was saying. The music is hot though. A friend of mine from Germany noted that Germans pay particular attention to "text" meaning lyrics. I
    That made me really think about how many songs we say are hot -- mainly because of the beat -- and hardly investigate the lyrics. That said, I need a lyric sheet to really wiegh in on this one.

  7. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT AMEL!!!!! I'm so torn about buying the digital single when I know I'm gonna buy the album the day it's released. So good to know that she hasn't forgotten about us fans since Lovely Standards was released. Thanx SB. Your snippet is longer than the one she has posted on MySpace and Ooooh, I'm so torn!!!

  8. I love everything about it. Did I miss news of when her album will be released? *going to dig in archives*
    You're a meany meany meany for not posting the entire track 😛

  9. LOVE this song!! Amel is really cooking on this! Can't wait for a new album from her, and from the sound of things, it's going to be another stunner.

  10. I love it! This song is very Princely but I'm loving the groove...I can't wait until the full release. Glad Mrs. Larrieux came back with something like this after that last release that put me to sleep.

  11. I tried to really get into her music, even brought one of her c.d's but couldn't really get into her ............ Now, I'm really feeling this jam very nice job.

  12. I'm hoping this is just my headphones, but I kinda feel John Murph-- I think I'd dig this track even more if her vocals were pushed up to the front a tad. But I AM digging it, more so than her previous releases.

  13. Nova, I'm going to buy this for two reasons
    1. I like her music
    2. you've never let me down yet

  14. while i will admit that her lyrics are hard to understand at times i can honestly say that's what makes her so deep. she speaks words that most don't use regularly and your mind can't instantly decipher when she sings - especially when you hear the song for the first time.
    "I want to rise
    My fears before they burn my solar plexus"
    Solar Plexus?? WTF? ok, it's your gut. ever been so nervous you get the BGs or your stomach feels like it's on fire?
    anyway, she is HOT. as are all of her songs (yes i'm the ulitmate fan). buy the KNOW you can't wait for the album!

  15. I think her "Solar Plexus" could have many meanings. She talks about "Morning', "I like the Sunrise", "Weather"...she obviously has an affinity for nature. Personally I think she's talking about exploring the Universe and thereby exploring yourself.


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