Crave, Volume 1

If our Morning Soul theme this week was any indicator, Male R&B needs to come back in a big way. There's definitely some notable artists holding it down across the board, but a good argument can be made that it's just not the same as it was in the past. That brings us to the first entry in a new series of podcast blends simply titled "Crave," where we'll slow it down from time to time. Whether it's old or new, a song about love or sex, or leans towards the mainstream or the underground, this first entry into the series should provide a solid respite from your loud, hippity-hoppity daily grind. Right-click the "download" link to save to your hard drive or left-click the "subscribe" link to launch iTunes and subscribe to this and succeeding episodes. Tracklist is after the bounce. Enjoy!

Crave, Volume 1 [download/subscribe]

  1. Musiq Soulchild: "SoBeautiful"
  2. Raheem DeVaughn: "She's Not You"
  3. Jodeci: "Time & Place"
  4. 112: "Anywhere"
  5. Ginuwine: "Tell Me Do U Wanna"
  6. Jagged Edge: "He Can't Love U"
  7. Usher: "Can U Get Wit It"
  8. Jon B: "They Don't Know"
  9. Carl Thomas: "Late Night Rendezvous"
  10. Chico DeBarge: "Virgin"
  11. Boyz II Men: "Lovely"
  12. Maxwell: "...Til The Cops Come Knockin'"

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15 Responses

  1. I needed something like this to jam to, with all the hip hop I've been listening to lately.

  2. nOva, you are coming CORRECT with these mixes lately; love it!

  3. The 90's had some great Male R&B voices. This took me back. Excellent work Nova.

  4. I was just conversing the other day with someone on Usher's first album. It was definitely a solid effort for the teen. I still play it sometime. I miss Jagged Edge and 112.

  5. I will be using this "f*ck tape" mix tomorrow.

  6. Very Nice Selection, Remember the Time when R&B was really R&B, in the mid 90s.
    Still wainting for a new Maxwell Album
    Thanx for the sound

  7. I love that you do these! I always look forward to the next one. I miss the 90's.

  8. Awesome mix! I have almost all of these songs. Just missing two!

  9. Great work! Excellent. looking forward for the next episodes!

  10. I have all these songs, great mix. I can't wait to listen to the blend....

  11. nice mix! look forward to listening to it. any chance on getting a 2000s version with raphael saadiq, rahsaan patterson, bilal, d'angelo, anthony david, and others?

  12. thank you so much for compelation. It's very moody.
    Wait for volume 2:)

  13. The links are no longer working! Where else can I download this mix? The tracklist is making my mouth water! I'm sorry I missed this when it was first posted! Can't wait for volume 2! Oh yeah and thanks for the long-awaited comeback, SB!

  14. Gonna re-up for you, Bella.

  15. Thanks nOva!