Daniel Merriweather & Adele Are ‘Water And A Flame’

We are all mostly aware of Adele's singing ability and her ability to smash on less deserved singers with an extra touch of class. You may not all be especially aware of overseas sensation Daniel Merriweather who has racked up quite a bit of success abroad, opened for Kanye West, and collaborated with Mark Ronson. Now that we're up to speed, let's consider Daniel and Adele's duet "Water And A Flame" from his new album Love And War. Not only is this a very pretty song and Adele as always sounds great, but Daniel is a perfect match to her raspy voice. Duets like this used to be such a staple. Instead of wondering what happened, listen to this and hope the future bodes better. [H/T: MM]
Daniel Merriweather feat. Adele: "Water and A Flame"

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  1. I first came across Daniel M. at a show when I was living in London probably 7 yeas ago... he played in some obscure pub and at first I wrote him off as just another wanna be blue eyed soul singer but after a couple more tastes it was definitely true he had flavor. He cropped up on my radar again when I jumped down to Sydney and by then his videos were getting regular play. Great voice... nice pairing.

  2. I am kinda obsessed with this song.

  3. Adele sounds like Lauryn Hill back in the day. This song isnt that bad, I mean I wouldnt bang it in my car but I would listen to it at work.

  4. OMG. This is horrible.

  5. I like the track. but it reminds me of the floetry track from there first album Now You're Gone (More than I Can Bear) isn't he featured on that track. cause it sure sounds like him.

  6. Like both their voices. The song; not so much.

  7. @ Nikesha, the male vocalists on Floetry's Now You're Gone is callled Sebastian Rogers. I agree that he does sound abit like him on this track though.

  8. Daniel's voice is very reminiscent of Sebastain's (from that Floetry joint) but a little grittier. Nevertheless, it's palatable. Adele has that Lauryn Hill starter kit going and I can dig it. The track makes me wanna go to some non-descript euro cafe and expresso myself to death in the rain.
    Daniel = good male vocalist
    Adele = good female vocalist
    Music = good Euro-esque timbres
    Add them together and they just don't blend as well as they should. Almost forced, ya dig?
    I give it a B-/C+

  9. Wasn't greatly impressed by the melody and vocal structure on this track. Clearly Adele outclassed and outbossed DM on this track. I felt like he didn't know how to vocally approach the track and it sort of shows. I think a more seasoned soul vocalist could have paired up better with her. It's a shame...he sounded really well on the track he did on Mark Ronson's album ("Stop Me"). Bottom line...he was ill-suited vocally for that track...! It's all there in the approach...listen to Adele's and listen to his...!


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