Eric Benét Shows Some Skin In ‘Chocolate Legs’ Video

Now that I've picked myself up off of the floor after viewing Eric Benét's new video for the single "Chocolate Legs," I will try my best write it up. If I could only stop watching it long enough to do so, but I digress. I knew that this video was coming, but good Lord I didn't know that Eric would be coming out of his clothes in it! That's right, y'all, Benét bares almost all in this video that brings the song to life with a very literal interpretation and sensual presentation. After a long day at work, Eric comes home to his chocolate-coated lady and they do what lovers do. My, my, and my.


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  1. And you want me to watch it live after THAT? Umm, no m'am. Sorry. Uh uh. **pressing the sideways triangle in the circle AGAIN**

  2. I'm speechless.

  3. gosh.....this is tooo much. loves it tres tres much

  4. I watched it silently with Sade's BulletProof Soul in the background.. very nice. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. *gulp*
    Oh. My. Goodness...

  6. Almost need a wet cloth now. daaannng!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Lawd knows I can't be watching this between the hours of 9-5!!! But wow, I didn't even need the sound. And amen for the love interest representing for all us chocolate, chocolate sistas!! very pretty. very nice video!

  8. Okaaaaaaay, that made the panties moist.

  9. I say, Hot Damn!!
    See Eric you cheated, how come homegirl in the video had a thong on.
    Those tight boxers you got on should've been off...the full monty, baby!
    Other, than that, a beautiful video...

  10. ....speechless....
    I need a cool glass of water.

  11. eric is has a beautiful voice he sound like a softer maxwell and i love it

  12. This video is toooooo hot for words! Eric is trying to give me a heart attack!!! You feel the words, you understand where he is coming from. As most women can understand, you see your man coming home after a hard day at work, and he knows that the one thing he can count-on to give him that daily push is, his woman wrapping her "Chocolate Legs...


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