Esperanza Spalding Covers Stevie Wonder, Leaves Listeners ‘Overjoyed’

As ubiquitous as Stevie Wonder's music seems to be, it's often very hard to cover a song of his and do it justice. Especially without copying his performance verbatim. So what a pleasant surprise it was when Esperanza Spalding began plucking the strings on her double bass and took "Overjoyed" in a delightful and beautiful direction at the White House last week. The announcer introduces her as "the brightest young star on the Jazz horizon," and she certainly shone during her subsequent performance. It definitely stood out during a concert of great music in celebration of Stevie and is worth repeat viewings.

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  1. Wow! A superior performance. I love the clarity of her voice & when she hits those smokey nuances. Those base skills are definitely on point too. Off to Wiki/MySpace more on Esperanza...

  2. Get it bi....!!! Got me doing the samba and shit in my chair over herre!!!

  3. Her debut last year was CRIMINALLY slept on. Chick speaks like three languages, writes and composes her own music. TOO UNDERRATED.

  4. OMG! I've been hearing her name for months, but this is the first time I've ever really stopped to listen. She is AMAZING! I can't believe half of what she's doing on an upright bass WHILE singing. I've got to hear more...

  5. Oh! Talented much?
    Thank you! I did not know her,
    what a joy and delight she is.
    Time to buy some new (to me anyway), music.

  6. Her bass game coupled with her vocals is incredible. She will definitely preserve the sexy of your playlist.

  7. there are no words to describe how amazing she is live.

  8. This is my favorite Stevie song, and the only cover I've seen done of it that I've even enjoyed (much less loved).
    I just bought both of Ms. Spalding's albums.

  9. Oh man. My dude called me up right quick to watch her on PBS (cuz she's on his "List", ie "You ever meet this person in real life, you are allowed to hit on her" lol). But she's super talented, GREAT live, and (yah yah) easy on the eyes. Her work is totally soulbouncey-- soul, jazz, latin, a tiny bit of pop. Which almost make her an more than appropriate guest to salute Stevie.
    Better than The Jonas Bros. (shudder)
    Scientific, where did you get her first album? I thought that was only released in Europe?

  10. WOW!!! What else can I say!!!??

  11. This chick is a true talent and the suck part is I can't find her Cd nowhere I had to order it online.........

  12. her cd is one of the best jazz debuts ever....

  13. This is Amazing!!!!.... Can't imagine a Young Beautiful Girl can do that