Georgia Anne Muldrow Shows Them How It’s Done On ‘Ms. One’


Some time ago, say a little over a year ago, your lovingly critical editors at SoulBounce were in the midst of being enraptured by a certain Ms. E. Badu and her tales from New Amerykah Part One. While there is no one quite like Erykah, there has been a void created by a Soul sista who is just as funky and possessing a ferocious prowess on the mic. Georgia Anne Muldrow has been steadily churning out tunes whether as part of duo G&D or solo, and now the "Master Teacher" collaborator has a new album ready for your consumption. "Ms. One" features guest spots from frequent collaborator Dudley Perkins, the ladies of her Epistrophik Peach Sound crew, and others such as Stacy Epps. The appropriately titled "2 MC's" features Black Milk and Rapper Big Pooh with Georgia doing production duties. It's short, sweet, and totally knocks. If anything, it's a great persuasive technique to get you to buy the album. [H/T: FS]
Georgia Anne Muldrow feat. Black Milk & Rapper Big Pooh: "2 MC's"

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Ms. One [iTunes]
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4 Responses

  1. how come the dopest tracks are often the shortest? i need to hear that like 9 more times.

  2. I really enjoyed GAM's Fragments of the Earth..I listen to it alot still 🙂

  3. i am always on board with anything ms. georgia anne is a part of. sista muldrow is the truth.

  4. Whooo! This is definitely for me!


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