Glamour Reimagines Female Icons For Women’s History Month

0302paulapattonasbillieholiday_li.jpg.jpegGlamour magazine, my favorite go-to publication for looking at fashion faux pas and the black boxes that cover their eyes, has managed to get some of Hollywood's hottest talent to pose as some of this country's most iconic women. Paula Patton as Billie Holiday is not such a stretch, but imagining Paula embodying a heroin-addled Jazz singer of otherworldly talent is. 

But before I get ahead of myself, these are just pictures. So it is kind of dope to see model Chanel Iman as Althea Gibson giving her best volleying face, although we're going to imagine that Venus or Serena Williams were too busy being their cute selves to pose for anything related to an icon in their chosen career. That being said, I'm going to leave Alicia Keys' photo of her portraying Michelle Obama alone because she does look much classier than Tyra Banks' attempt last year. All in all, the ladies look lovely and for the sake of Women's History Month, I'll try my hardest to leave the snark out of this post. Instead, let's give it up to all of our great female icons past and present. [H/T:TB]


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7 Responses

  1. What I find striking about these photos is that all of the women are light. More than ever, I think Michelle Obama has demonstrated the beauty and confidence of all black women regardless of their skin tone. Show the chocolate sisters some love.

  2. I just KNEW someone would bring up the litebrite thing.

  3. I'll admit, when I saw Alicia as Michelle, I chuckled. It's absurd. Guess the media STILL isn't used to a darker-skinned powerful Black woman that isn't Oprah.

  4. what was the point of this. seriously.

  5. Outside of Alicia's picture (which isn't bad, but she doesn't look a dang thing like Michelle O), I think the other two shown here are really good.

  6. I loooooove Paula Patton as Billie. love it. I thought a few of the others not pictured here were pretty good Madonna, Carrie Bradshaw and Mary Tyler Moore....Not feeling the Michelle Obama one, and its not really because Alicia is light....its just not....quite right.

  7. I actually think that Chanel Iman as Aletha is a great look. Aletha was boy shaped like Chanel which means Serena would be laughable in the role, I guess Venus would have been okay but I would have said colorwise they don't match...but then colorwise Alicia doesn't match Michelle O. so... But in terms of using someone of the same profession for all of the pics they used ladies who were actress (if if they were singer/actress) except for Chanel Iman so no one else necessarily had people that matched their profession. In general most of this entire set was good except for whoever that girl they had portraying Carrie Bradshaw that was the worst. Althea, Billie, Madonna, and Audrey Hepburn were the best to me.