Go Inside Prince & Q-Tip’s Futuristic ‘Chocolate Box’

I don't know about anyone else, but the thought of Prince, Q-Tip and chocolate together makes me wanna. And the fact that all three are together on a song makes me really wanna. That's right, his Purple Badness has employed the Abstract in the first single and video from his recently released LotusFlow3r three-disc set. The pair team up on "Chocolate Box" and the video is a futuristic CGI affair. Tip flexes his stunt man skills as he chases after the non-chocolate femme fatale from one rooftop to the next while Prince sings on video billboards. Although not the best Prince song or video, it's good to see these two collaborating on something that was long overdue. Now where's that chocolate? 

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  1. This video is absolutely incoherent. This is horrible.
    I would rather watch the Ciara video. Doh!
    All joking aside, what the hell is this? And why is Prince biting the Matrix with Tip playing Neo and Prince is, ah, what, Morpheus?
    I mean, come on. Stop the madness!

    Now we got prince bitin off of Peven I saw him at a Peven Everett show but when I spoke with Peven he had no idea prince had been there. he has also covered Gabrielle from what I know from around the scene. HPeven told me he has seen plenty of people that were in the majors at his shows but they never say Hi. He got inspired by Peven and probably thinks this puts him in that "hip" category. He just looks past his prime with that BS I just saw

  3. That joint is that sh*t!

  4. indeed long overdue!
    Prince seriously has game for for real.

  5. Good God! This is awful. He needs to throw that box of chocolate in the trash.

  6. Someone should tell Prince that his music no longer bangs, no longer is hitting, is no longer relevent. This songs sucks to the highest degree.

  7. Typical Prince song... he is so alluring...Prince is relevant to his true fans but yeah the vid is kind of dated. Tip hasn't come out with a cd/album in what 20yrs lol..but his music game is so tight behind the scenes, glad to see him...

  8. @ Hmmm. Tip's CD, The Renaissance came out last year.

  9. This.....this is not good. =(

  10. I'm sorry... this could never top their collab on "The Greatest Romance (That's Ever Been Sold) - Remix


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