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Hello all!

I've been wanting to put this out there for a while now, but if anyone has a question, comment, or concern about anything from music, being an independent artist, a woman, a human, a partner in a relationship--anything--please feel free to ask. Whenever I meet people, I get asked plenty of questions about what my lyrics mean, how they relate to life, how it feels to be an artist, what things I've learned about the industry, what I would do in said situation, etc. So...I'd like to open up the floor to conversation.
I actually have studied Behavior Science, and I am somewhat of a qualified counselor. Does that make sense? Counselor turned artist. Or was it the other way around? Hmmm, not sure!
In any case, let's call this Ask Ayah. Or wait...let me introduce myself as Merna (my gov't name). Ask Merna? 🙂 Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing your voices!
Stay hot...

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    Ayah can you recommend any college type text books on Behavior Science? Not self help, time management types (those have their uses) but good meat and potatoes type books. Tks

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    Hi Ayah..I think it's cool you studied Behavior Science, I'm sure it helps you write some awesome lyrics!
    My question relates to how many of the artists I enjoy the most often don't get the 'mainstream success' their talents deserve for whatever reason. So given the crazy state of the music industry, especially these days, what would be your argument for pursuing mainstream success vs. underground (if its even fair to call it underground) or vice versa?

  3. Mutada,
    The best books I ever read on Behaviour Science, are the ones I actually learned and studied from! Not only were they strict Beh. Sci. books, but the books on personal development, counseling, and human development. Also, when I majored in Marketing, I felt as though COnsumer Behaviour definitely added to the mix.....
    I can definitely reccomend the following straight from the curriculum I studied!
    Applied Behaviour Analysis - 2 Nd Edition
    Prentice Hall
    We used this book for a couple years so it's great and full of info! If you get really into it, you can start reading up more on Behaviour Modification type books.
    Miss concrete Jungle,
    At this exact moment in time, I am frustrated with this "industry". Everyone is different and I think that everyone measures success differently...For me, personally, I know I want the world to hear my music, I want to tour for decades to come, etc...but I want creative control over my art...These two concepts are hard together possible, these days with the way the climate of this industry is changing. Mainstream success gives you the ability to gain fame and exposure where you may not receive if you are "underground" or "indie". My argument for pursuing mainstream success, is...if that's what will make you happy do it..keeping in mind, you may have to sacrifise your own agenda for that of the label's. It's a catch 22. It's hard to say you don't want that! Because, I would love it..but I would love it..on my terms 🙂 So... hope that helps 🙂
    Keep the ques coming!
    Ayah 🙂

  4. Ayah, do you have a man? are you happy with your man? I mean really happy:-) if you are single how do I get an application to apply for the job?

  5. Stoney,
    I'm flattered that you'd ask that! lol
    Yes, I do have a man..and thankfully I'm really happy....:)
    haha, but we can be friends >? 🙂

  6. I thought we had something special, Stoney? LOL

  7. shi*'ve done it now Stoney..she gon pull my blog off the air! lol hahaha j/k
    Hey Butta!! 🙂

  8. Butta baby, I quote the great group First Choice..."we have a perfect love and I will defend it I gotta believe it's what God intended" It's not over between you and me:-)

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    Thanks Ayah, I'm going to sit down this weekend and get a hold of the some of the books you suggested.
    Stoney? You got it like that? Go head play boy. LOL