Hot Like Ayah: Heavy Rotation


I often have trouble answering the question, "What new albums are you listening to lately?" But today, I will attempt to share a few albums that I have in heavy rotation. Right now, these albums hold that distinction: The Foreign Exchange's Leave it All Behind and Tona's Direct Deposit (although it's not out yet, hey friendship has its privileges).  

Damn, is that it?

Sadly, yes. I'm just saying, from the newer albums out there, I think that's close to it!

Well, OK. How about, "If I went on a road trip, what albums do I listen to over and over and over and over again?" This is much easier to answer! That list would include: Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun, Andre 3000's The Love Below ("The Love Below" is also a great Nine Inch Nails song; look it up!), Georgia Anne Muldrow's Fragments of the Earth and Badu's New Amerykah.

There are some older albums that I still listen to like, Mary's What's the 411, Jill's Who is Jill Scott, Kanye's Graduation, Legend's Get Lifted, Nas' Illmatic and Stillmatic, or Nina Simone's Greatest Hits

To be honest, these will always be in rotation. Many will come and go, but those albums are truly classic! 

So, now I have to ask: What are you listening to? 

Stay Hot!


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10 Responses

  1. Great Post. Good God you are gorgeous!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Foreign Exchange's new album. Their sound is beautifully distinctive. I visit their "Myspace" page on the regular.

  3. Without a doubt Foreign Exchange is constantly on my playlist. But other artists that are on heavy rotation for me are Jose James, Damon Aaron, Coultrain, PPP and my girl Tawiah from UK

  4. as for new releases, been rocking the new Shawn Lee album on Ubiquity and the Nat King Cole remix project. totally agree with Amy B regarding Damon Aaron - that cat is the truth.

  5. Amy B is a woman after my own heart. Her iPod and mine must be twins. I get so much music in my inbox that I would have to blog in the comments to let ya'll know everything I'm listening to. It really depends on my mood. This week alone I've listened to Reel People, Lizz Wright, Sabrina Starke, Giovanca, Lisa Shaw, PPP, Bilal. All over the place.
    One new name is Damon Aaron. Listening to him now and FEELING it!

  6. i'm all over the place with my ipod, but the last 5 songs that came up in shuffle mode were "you can leave but its going to cost you" by marvin, "church" by sean price, "blue hawaii" by sinatra, "time of your life" by lil brother, and "intro for roger" by quik.

  7. This week: Lisa Shaw, Tawiah, Karma Stewart, Nina Simone, Vula Malinga and VV Brown.
    Damon Aaron is loaded and ready to go!

  8. I've been getiin' my Nawlins on (New Orleans) listening to the Hot 8 Brass Band and the TBC Brass Band both bands are really good and I had the privlage of seeing the TBC Band perform live when I was in New Orleans..these younginz range in age from late teens to early 20's and they are very talented you can check out the vids on Youtube search under TBC Brass Band...
    Well that my 2 cents, lol...
    P.S. - I can't wait for your cd to drop 🙂
    Peace & Blessings, Uno !!!

  9. I'm glad ya'll are feeling Mr Aaron ... make sure to check out the track Willing (cover of Gil Scott-Heron). Ubiquity Records is da shit!!!!
    Vivrant Thang, I luv your blog! Our taste in music is quite on par!
    Ayah, keep repping to soul of Toronto! We are a city that has a crazy amount of soul/house/hip hop heads.
    Much Luv
    Amy B