Hot Like Ayah: Keeping It Real


Hey everyone!
I've been so busy mastering, getting artwork done, filling out
papers, buying barcodes, planning videos, registering with Sound Scan,
rehearsing, etc., that I've totally forgotten to enjoy myself!

Don't get me wrong, this is exciting. I really should savour this time. Not too many people can say
that they are in full and total control of their art, vision, and
But at the same time, I've also forgotten to sit back and chill with the people I love
and to even tell them I love them! So that's on my to do list above all else
this weekend. Well, OK, I'm obviously going to still be working, cause I have a
release coming up, but you know what I mean! 🙂

So, how do you feel about the "Believe" video
I just released? It's awesome for me and Slakah to create something
visual, rather than musical, and for it to have turned out so well!

As you know "Believe" is from my upcoming album, 4:15. To me, 4:15
is about being the realest me. It's when I'm home, my glasses are on,
I'm wearing sweats, I'm up working on music, or asleep dreaming about
it, and I'm around family.
When are you the realest you?
Stay hot!

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2 Responses

  1. When i'm going to pick my woman up from work and I walk in the room and she gets this smile from ear to ear. Thats my shit:-) makes me feel like anything is possible..................

  2. was prompted by this blog entry to check out the "believe" video. props to slakah on the direction - diggin' the artist on her grind slant. definitely a vid that reveals the realest you...or at least part of it.
    when the camera pans down to the mixing board and written on certain tracks are the words "rip j dilla" and "free palestine"...that's what's up.
    so when am i the realest me? anytime i'm interacting with my two and a half year old daughter and i get one of those awestruck faraway looks when she's talking to me because i can't quite believe that GOD put this gem of a human being in my life...
    yeah. it doesn't get any more real than that...