Hot Like Ayah: Reality Or Fiction?


Since I spent much of last night watching TV, I'm going to talk about my favorite shows today.

I really like Big Love. I recommend you look it up and watch it if you don't already.
I am planning on buying the box set of Sopranos
(or's really expensive!!) to watch it again as it had me glued to the TV for two weeks last year.
Prison Break is awesome. I can't wait for it to come back.
We all know 24 is great, but I haven't watched any of this season
yet. I'm not sure why, but I will have to catch up when I have time.
Ooh, how could I forget Dexter? Another very good show and the new season coming soon!

Like many of you, I have become a sucker for reality TV. I
have to admit I'm getting sick of it now, though. Too much of anything is not good, and there
are way too many of those now. Plus it seems as though the stories and
plots I get from my favorite shows are winning me over.
Any good shows you'd recommend that I didn't? Let me know! Like I need anymore TV to watch. 🙂
Stay hot!


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11 Responses

  1. Nip/Tuck is the shit!!! FX Network

  2. catching up with the brilliance that was The Wire and taking it a season at a time via the netflix queue. looking forward to the creator's Katrina-themed pilot for a new series in the hopefully near future.
    very much grossed in Lost and will be so until the final episode. Life On Mars ended up sucking me in (i came for the Lisa Bonet cameos and ended up staying for the plotlines, lol). other than that, not much else. music absorbs the rest of my time...

  3. I love Dexter too!

  4. i caught nip/tuck last night though i hadnt watched in a while...very juicy! never slow paced...which is good!
    The Wire was brilliant..and I wish there were more seasons! 4 was my fav...

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    I feel kind of guilty watching TV for any extended period of time during the week. What did pookie say in New Jack "That Homework, just be calling me" LOL
    When I do get some time to watch my Tivo's me and my girl I like the Sarah Conner Chronicles.

  6. Lost is the best show on network tv, IMO. I like Heroes too, but not really sure of the direction its going in....I used to watch Prison Break but seriously how much longer can they extend the show...I lost interest after season 2. I watch Nip/tuck also...but its getting more ridiculous with each episode..another good FX show is Damages. I'm really into that one. I watch too much tv, lol.

  7. I love "Prison Break" and "24"... I use to watch "Lost" but this year I am the one that is "lost", LMAO !!! i stopped watchin' it, LOL !!!
    What are your favorite comedy shows?

  8. Since u asked, Burn Notice and Leverage are good shows that just ended their seasons. They are realtively new but have become favorites. Fringe is good, also. And True Blood on HBO.. I have fallen for it.... Vampire and humans in love in Louisiana doesn't sound like it would be good, but it is..It comes back this summer on HBO.. Check it out.. I thinks it's HOT, like Ayah! 🙂

  9. Fringe has to be the best show this season. Also Weeds is a great show.

  10. Wow! We watch alot of tv
    hhmmm, that's awesome..when I get home and I'm tired, and I can't make anymore music or rehearse, or perform anymore, I will be sure to pop some popcorn, and get my new shows on!!!
    Thanks for the reccomendations y'all!
    Love, Ayah

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    I'm watching Fringe on Fox and I've definitely been laughing my ass off with Eastbound and Down on HBO just before Big Love.
    Definitely not going to miss the new Jill Scott original series on HBO