Hot Like Ayah: Study War No More


So I watched Watchmen the other night. I have to say, I was
a little disappointed. I think I expected a true superhero movie and
didn't get what I wanted at least until closer to the end. The plot was
a lot more serious though, and after speaking to some of my Twitter
friends, I reflected on the underlying question of the whole
movie: Sacrifice the lives of a group to save the whole?

Reminded me of a similar situation affecting the world: War.

This is a touchy subject, but I will touch it.

Is it excusable and commendable to sacrifice the lives of soldiers,
in the name of peace? Does that even make sense understanding that true
peace, though ideal, may not be truly realistic? In the movie, there
was peace after death. In real life, death continues.

I ponder...

Of course, I appreciate those who give their lives for us. Their commanders, however, not so sure.

I pray...

Yesterday I mailed a cheque to the Medical Aid for Palestine
organization. I hope the money goes to the people who need it. I hope
it makes a difference.

Today, do what you can to try and make a difference, however small it may feel.

Stay hot...


P.S. Time for brainwashing 🙂 4:15...4:15...Tell a friend!

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2 Responses

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    I haven't seen the movie...alot of people that i know that seen did not like do to not understanding what the movie was about...they were looking for a superhero movie like Spiderman, the Hulk, etc....
    I do agree with you and doin' sumthin' to make a difference no matter how small it is...becuase those small things start out small and become bigger things...for example...."the change u may have in your pocket is a small amount but the more u add to it the more it becomes"... Thanks for touchin' the subject people are afraid to talk about, it's the very subject that needs to be talked about... 🙂
    Thanks for your thoughts and this is very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Awesome post. I love stuff like this