Is Diddy Still As Evil As We Once Believed?

is an enigma to me. And before you start snickering, let's ponder this: Diddy is a man who has built a global empire of music, fashion, and television production and along the way has managed to run a marathon, star in a Broadway play, and monopolize on the untimely death of his best friend with a chart-topping song. Despite people's claims that he single-handedly ruined music by ushering in a over-the-top, materialistically-centered, shiny suit brand of Hip Hop in the '90s, something also tells me that there is something more to this man. The proof: his interest in Janelle Monàe and Jay Electronica.

Remember way back when we were all aghast at her decision to be signed to Bad Boy Records? It literally seemed like the very definition of an oxymoron brought to life. Yet, I can honestly say that her career has certainly been handled expertly since becoming the most eclectic member of the Bad Boy family. This may not have occurred had she signed with a smaller label. 

Similarly, Diddy has recently expressed interest in Jay Electronica. While not signed to Bad Boy Records currently, there is footage of them working in the studio during a 48-hour "spiritual fast" with Diddy's trademark gregarious, bordering on annoying, enthusiasm. While we still have no details on what, if anything, was produced during this meeting of minds, Diddy is beginning to look a bit less one-dimensional to me. Anyone who has ever seen any number of his reality TV shows knows that Diddy is a man who believes in the almighty dollar. He is very adept at making it, even at the expense of becoming a caricature of himself. Given he is a child of the '70s and '80s, there is no question that he was exposed to music of different genres of much better quality than what is readily available on the airwaves now. Perhaps Diddy's interest in artists with real, not marginal, talent is proof that he is willing to bring his fans more musically in tune with what good music is as opposed to what it most definitely is not. I'm certainly not holding my breath, but I am interested to see what happens next. We'll see. 

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  1. Me still no like heeee

  2. Perhaps Diddy's interest in artists with real, not marginal, talent is proof that he is willing to bring his fans more musically in tune with what good music is
    My issue has never been with what music Diddy produces/supports/puts out there. Everyone has their lane and dance music was his, no matter how single mindedly manufactured.
    What I'm waiting for Diddy to show is hard core committment to the groups he takes on. It's rare to see Diddy stick with an artist beyond a second album and that disturbs me. He has people's dreams in his hands, but seems to move on too quickly - from boredom or because he's juggling too much, I couldn't say.
    Whenever an artist signs with Diddy I hold my breath waiting for them to establish some level of longevity (even in Pop music there's some precedence for longergevity than 2 and done!)
    Worse, it's not just that Diddy is seemingly done with them after two, but either he doesn't let them go or they're simply unable to land elsewhere successfully.
    Diddy's passion and his ability to make a hot single are well established. But I'd like to see Bad Boy be more like early Def Jam - nurture an artist's career vs. grinding for one hot track.

  3. i love diddy. he is superficial and spiritual. he has so many layers. and despite what we may think he has down with the music industry, this man has still managed to put out some quality talent. although, he has put out non-quality talent too. but hey, that's the business.
    follow him on twitter (if you twitter).

  4. Diddy is still evil...he is "the man" in black face.

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    Please, this is another attempt by someone from the hip hop trying to remain relevant and cutting edge now that hip hop is basically pop music. Rappers are predictable to the point its almost laughable so they jump on artist that is cutting edge like MIA and Santogold trying to remain relevant and edgy. Diddy can spot talent obviously but what does he do with great talent? See what happened to Tonya Blount

  6. Diddy is evil. He uses people and throw them away. I'm still bitter in how he treated New Edition. One Love was a great CD and they can barely sing any cuts from the album in concert since he owns the music.
    He's an opportunist. Period point blank.

  7. I agree with Missmeeky. Diddy can recognize talent, but he doesn't develop it. I suggest Janelle run as fast as she can when her contract is up because she's gaining a following now. Diddy had the nerve to say Day 26 is the best male group he's worked with -- including 112 and New Edition. Yeah right, Diddy. And then after he's sick of seeing them or they aren't doing well, he'll move on to sign some other group

  8. I wouldn't say evil, just irrelevent. From '92-'98 he had a hand in some good music, beyond that, more of a figurehead for MTV flavored black entertainment.-QH

  9. Of course Diddy's not one-dimensional; he's human. But I think you're giving him too much credit in the Janelle/Jay Elect dept (if there even is anything happening with Jay). He didn't discover them, and they both have an already well-honed craft. I think he knows what's good, he was able to foresee what would happen to their fan bases, and knows he can make money off of them.
    And shoot, I'm sure Janelle and them wanna make some loot and have access to nice production studios, so it works out for all.
    I don't think Diddy's all that concerned with challenging music fans. He sure ain't evil, there are definitely people who have done more harm to humanity out there. Nor did he ruin the industry. People have always had the ability to listen, dance and think for themselves.

  10. I can't believe what I just read . . . are you serious??!! That man is pure evil and ruins the careers of everyone he touches. I agree with Missmeeky - he uses people and then throws them away. Where are they now?: Carl Thomas, Faith Evans, 112, Black Rob, G-Dep, Craig Mack, Dream (did they ever come out), Mase, Cheri Dennis (flash in the pan), Babs and Ness the new Bonnie & Clyde (what happened to them?), Shyne (he got played!), Biggie (may he rest in peace but he's still getting played, Diddy's probably trying to figure out how he can recycle his 5th grade book report and make another CD out of it), Did I foget any, please insert name here: __________.
    I love Janelle Monae but I fear for her career. Day26 willl be the next 112 - unemployed; and Donnie (Diddy's wanna be Justin Timberlake) will be flipping burgers soon also.

  11. Maybe now he's made his millions and dosn't need to work another day if he dosn't want to, he's decided to step outside his lane and try something new!
    If the new 'edgier' artists he's working with don't make him a penny it don't really matter in the great scheme of things, he'll still be ridiculously rich.
    If it is the case that it's all a bit of an experiment to see if he can make some money (hell he's succeeded everywhere else) should he be vilified for playing games with peoples dreams? Or should he be commended for giving an artist a chance?
    I think if the artists are happy to work with him, knowing his history, then fair play to him and them!

  12. "Yet, I can honestly say that her career has certainly been handled expertly since becoming the most eclectic member of the Bad Boy family. This may not have occurred had she signed with a smaller label."
    What good has come from her signing with Bad Boy? I am not being facetious when I ask that; has her career really been doing well since she signed with them?

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    Couldn't have said it better @ Paula Chase

  14. I've been checking out this blog for a minute. Good stuff.
    Let's put things into perspective. Most folks that chime in on Diddy don't know first-hand what he does or acutally did. If Berry Gordy was an executive coming up in this age he would probably be called evil just as well. There were many unhappy folks at Motown but nostalgia usually paints a perfect picture. Many artist come into the music business clueless and careless, especially when it comes to their finances. Artist are just as responsible for their careers as their record labels. Just because you don't hear from them does not mean they're not enjoying some form of success. Many of recording artists have piss-poor work ethics. After the controversy with their masters, Jadakiss publicly admitted that Diddy really works hard and gets the job done.
    Here's another example that will hopefully shed light, many folks in the boxing business knows Don King is a very shrewd business man. He does not have a great reputation. Here's what former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield had to say about working with Don King, I'm paraphrasing, "When I worked with him, I was paid well. I don't know what everybody else is talking about."
    You would figure after many shows like VH1's expose Behind the Music and the countless information available new artist would learn a thing or two, but not so much.
    @Paula Chase, Def Jam nurturing their artists? Under who's watch? Are you familiar with how they treated many of their acts??
    Bobby Brown might have been a distraction but he realized in the beginning that the group wasn't being properly paid. For New Edition to sign a contract and have issues that late in the career, says something about them, not necessarily Puffy.
    I'm not trying to get at folks here personally, but I think most of the public perception on Puffy is not based on accurate information and lack of knowledge on the history and business of recorded music in America. Puff is simply just another executive of the music business. Evil? I don't think so. The business is not set up to foster artistic integrity or make the recording artist rich.

  15. He also need to the rapper bloodsport to really round off badboy , can you imagine jay electronica and bloodsport on the same roster ( mind blowing ).


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