John Forte Is ‘Runnin’ Up That Hill’

Proving that he's back in the Hip Hop game for real, John Forte has a new track and accompanying video now available for our consumption. "Runnin' Up That Hill" samples the Kate Bush song of the same name and my personal favorite from her catalog. Although Forte borrows the chorus and beat from Bush, he makes the track his own with his keen wordplay. The sparse video features John playing his guitar on a simple white set surrounded by only a set of drums and a speaker box with unobtrusive graphics throughout the clip that lead the viewer to focus on the message in his music.  

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6 Responses

  1. Yo! this is real hip hop right here, i'm a have to support his project if he keeps dropping jewels like this. I gotta download this joint now!

  2. That was nice!

  3. That was nice! Good for him. He's like a significantly less annoying Wyclef.
    Loving the sound & the guitar.

  4. where can I download this joint?????????

  5. If Terence Trent Darby rapped he'd be John Forte:-) this joint has been moving me since yesterday. John Forte is about blow up people..........................

  6. bravissimo!!!!!!!! pretty person,