Morning Soul: My Jamaican Guy

  • T-Pain suffered serious injuries and broke four teeth in a freak golf cart accident on Friday. Stop laughing. [AHH]
  • Charles Hamilton got called out for allegedly jacking a Black Spade beat. [FS]
  • Not to be outdone by ghost bloggers, 50 Cent's ghost Tweeter makes his existence known. [RR]
  • Jennifer Hudson's getting married soon, but the details are a secret. [CST]
  • Psst! There's rare and unreleased Stevie Wonder songs on a popular video website. Pass it on. [YT

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2 Responses

  1. T-Pain in pain. LOL! Wonder if he had his grill in at the time?

  2. T-Pain-in-the-ass fell down huh? hahahahahahahahaha that big ass hat must have tipped over his cart, this is payback from the music Gods for the travesty of his abuse of auto tune:-)