Morning Soul: Out Of My Life

  • According to a British biographer, Michael Jackson has a stack of songs that will be released upon his death. [CNA]
  • Extreme Music, the worldwide production arm of Sony/ATV Records, has signed Rodney Jerkins to executive produce nine albums in over the next 18 months. Wow. [BB]
  • Stax Records is reissuing Isaac Hayes' Black Moses and Disco Freak (Juicy Fruit). [PFM]
  • Stax is also releasing a compilation package of original songs that rappers have sampled through the years. [PM]

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3 Responses

  1. Holy crap! That's Five Star. I think I have an old 12" from them in a box of old records downstairs in my basement.
    You gotta love the '80s. DeBarge, the Jets, Five Star.
    Damn, I'm old!

  2. Just wanna say a massive thanks to SB for mentioning by blog in morning soul yesterday and for adding me to the blogroll, i'm honoured 😉 (I was tipped off by Vivrant Thang).

  3. thanks for the stay out of my life 5 star don't get no better than 5star!!!


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