Morning Soul: We Can Do It Anywhere

  • This past Saturday was downright scary when Erykah Badu was visited by a stalker at her home then tweeted about it. [EW]
  • ICYMI: Mos Def's appearance in this month's Vogue to promote Watermelon Syndicate, his new clothing line by yet another rapper. [UDC]
  • Wyclef may find out what Blazay Blazay meant by "Danger!" now that they are suing him for sampling their song without permission. [EW]
  • Kid Cudi calls off his retirement. And in other news, the sky continues to be blue. [HHDX]
  • Who knew that skateboarding and Miles DavisKind of Blue could come together so beautifully? [RC]

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3 Responses

  1. Picture it: College, rural town, Missouri. me & my 2 roommates make up 'choreography' to this song to do at the parties. I LOVED this song!

  2. Where is Lil Zane? I'm convinced he and Young Berg are the same person....

  3. Love the skateboards and t-shirts. I listen to Kinda Blue regularly.