Oddisee Is Making Hip Hop ‘Cool Again’

We've said many times off-site that Oddisee should be famous, as he's one of if not the most capable MC/producers in the DMV. His mixtapes are highly coveted throughout the virtual realm, and he's steadily amassing a flawless resumé by working with the right people (J-Live, Phonte, Freeway, etc). His latest single "Hip Hop's Cool Again" is right on time, showcasing a clever flow and cadence paired with a soulful backdrop to keep the heads nodding and the fingers snapping. Oddisee's Mental Liberation is due 4/25 as a digital release. The physical hits on 5/5. [H/T: RR]

Oddisee: "Hip Hop's Cool Again"

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3 Responses

  1. Dude is most def being slept on, I have a couple of his releases and dude is nice with his! him and Kev Brown should do a full length joint together

  2. yeah yeah i'm biased, but this song is still my SHIT right now!!

  3. oddissee is scary good. production's off the meter, whether for self or for others. totally agree with stoneyisland: a full-length oddisee/kev brown collabo would be the bizness...