Phonte Freestyles At WMC

What happened in Miami during last week's Winter Music Conference thankfully isn't staying in Miami with the wonder of YouTube and our good friend DJ Stylus who caught this moment in time on camera. At Thursday's all-star Godfather III James Brown tribute party during DJ Jeremy "Ayro" Ellis' set Phonte was invited on stage, and once he hopped on the mic it was a wrap. Tay freestyled with the finesse of Muhammad Ali at his prime while Ellis made the beat live on stage on the MPC. If you're a fan of real Hip Hop, then just do yourself a favor and press play below right now. 

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4 Responses

  1. There is maybe one or two MC's alive better than phonte. One is Andre3000 who is in my opinion the best MC alive, as for the second MC i'll leave that up to my kin folk at SB:-) hint, hint his name is phonte.

  2. Little Brother is seriously slept on but Phonte is just on another level.

  3. Phonte continues to deserve every ounce of accolades he receives. A classic MC for the new millennium.


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