Rapper Big Pooh Cooks Up A ‘Comeback’

Rapper Big Pooh's new solo album The Delightful Bars is on its way soon, and here's the first video from the disc to tide us over til its release. In the clip for "The Comeback," Pooh can be seen rapping while a bevy of French vanilla, butter pecan and chocolate deluxe beauties cook up something special. Given their state of undress and assembly line production, you'd think they may be mixing up an illegal substance but instead a shipment of Delightful Bars candy bars is on the menu. Thank God chocolate is still legal.


1 Response

  1. Damn for a minute I though this was Positive K:-) damn they could be brothers.......Pooh has been slept on a lot his first CD was a banger so I know this one has to be just as good or even better


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