Shanice Makes A ‘Run’ At Whitney…And Scores!

We here at SBHQ are on Team Shanice, in a big way. Ever since she announced last year that a new album was on the way, we've been hanging on to her high notes waiting for the disc to drop. In the meantime and in between time, she's been giving us small tidbits to hang onto, like when she re-imagined Stacy Lattisaw's "Let Me Be Your Angel." And just yesterday, she posted another remake to her YouTube channel, this time throwing down on Whitney Houston's "Run to You." Since today seems to be "video" day here at the site, we figured we'd share. Her voice is amazing. Yes, even covering Whitney. In fact, in case you forgot, this isn't the first time Sha has taken on a Whitney classic. Check after the bounce for the throwback footage. And enjoy.

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  1. one of the illest voices in the game. ever.

  2. WOW! Taking on Whitney is tough, but she did a fantastic job. Why isn't this woman a bigger star? Why?

  3. Never heard of this lady before ... i've been missing out!

  4. Peep her in all her glory on the Panther soundtrack, "If I was your woman" send chills down your spine..........

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    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Shanice killed this joint. Yo I'm really missing her right now. Real singing is so gone what a shame. Everyone doesn't have to have super pipes to be a good or even great singer but this makes me miss the passion we once had in vocalists. Yo I seriously felt chills

  6. I love Shanice however I love whitney's pipes and I am not going to say it sounded better because it didn't but shanice killed it in her own right and that should be good enough
    And to aswer to the comment on why isn't this woman a bigger star.
    two words MUSIC INDUSTRY
    They would rather sell you some bs Beyonce Knowles because she pays to be in her spot and for writing credit etc and marketing brainwashes people to only think of those handful of folks are good enough to be out based on quarterly releases. Releases come out within the four periods you see cetrtain marketing for those who needed me to expound.

  7. I miss Shanice. Never understood why she was slept on to the degree she has been. I hope someone, somewhere, is creating songs worth her musical ability.


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