Solange Knowles Is Responsible For The Entire ’60s!

solange_glasses.jpgFor anyone that's been sleeping under a rock for the past several months, Solange is an innovator. If not for her, so many R&B and Soul artists wouldn't be referencing the '60s in their sound and imagery. She recently took to Twitter to express a very spirited opinion on those who dare traipse upon her patented '60s stylings:

"after i did i decided alot of folks were digging it but alot of folks thought were confused about "the look" now every which a way i turn..everyone is in a 60's girl group reference. its like traditional r&b again to do the 60's sound, look ect.[sic]"

Girl, bye. We opined many moons ago that perhaps too many artists were using the '60s as a creative touchstone.
Beyond that, a good portion of the acts mentioned in our write-up had
naturally progressed in that direction and were doing it long before Sol-Angel touched down. But when your frame of reference doesn't extend beyond Destiny's Child alumni, such thin observations are to be expected.

Could Solange be referring to Letoya Luckett? Check out the clip for "Not Anymore" and decide if you care.

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17 Responses

  1. Try selling more then a hundred copies of your album before taking credit for anything Ms. Solange. I swear the nerve of these young chickenheads now a days:-) It takes more then a pretty face and a famous sister to be considered a diva.

  2. wow. i can sense a tidbit of hate..

  3. soooo, I guess Amy WInehouse NEVER happened? This is why I quit following her dumbass on twitter. She's poser. Very good performer though, i just caught her opening for Estelle. Don't like her songs, but was impressed with her energy

  4. solange & everybody else must have a very short attention span. lauryn hill featured a 60's vibe in her 1998 song & video for doo wop (that thing), which was a #1 hit. man lauryn doesn't get any respect anymore...smh

  5. I think she released a follow-up Twitter stating that didn't mean it like that. A lot of flack was given to these words because they came after LeToya's new video release that is 60s inflected. Again, she posted a follow-up and denied, denied, denied, saying fans (haters) were "reaching".
    See? We're silly people to take the things she says so seriously. Shame on us! We're reaching and always looking for drama! (Solange's mindset). She's an innovator! an originator! Her whole family is! They're the alpha and omega of musical invention and occasionally, with 'twitter' comments like this they will REMIND us of this. SMH.
    I like her material but her VOICE GRATES. If someone else were singing her works it'd be all good. And for this reason, I just CAN'T buy her album....I just CAN'T do it; but I will swell her head further...the material is good.

  6. i knew she would respond to that video.....

  7. Why is this post relevant? and who is Solange again? Brits made the 60's genre popular again! now Americans (as always) are following the trend.

  8. That girl plays entirely too much. Just like JNez said, Lauryn Hill did it waaay back in 1998. 10 times better, I might add.
    Don't push it Solange. I was just starting to like you.

  9. Umm..I don't know if I agree that Solange started the whole "trend', but I do really like her album... =)

  10.'s WHY Lauryn Hill isn't getting credit for bring that 60's vibe back. Don't think she's rocking that 'fro very well. Must be some hellafied dro she's smokin...

  11. is it me, or are all of Solange's posts almost indecipherable? how about you "decide" to take English 098.

  12. Okay so to Solange: Girl, boo. Gone head wit all dat mess.
    Now to the video: I like how Bryan Barber always presents his videos as movies, titles, credits, storyline, everything. For some reason Latoya sounds different in this song as opposed to her other song.

  13. Dar - she doesn't understand sentence structure and punctuation. That could be why she is indecipherable to you. lol
    Latoya looks wonderful. I like the song and video. At some point, Solange will mature and realize it's not all about her.

  14. everyone sounds the same

  15. Yep, and she invented writing, the wheel and fire too...

  16. Solange SHUTUP.
    The only similarity I c is that she is wearing the featherheeled shoes that u wore.
    No 1 can say "stop copying me" unless u r an ORIGINAL 60s singer like
    Queen Aretha & LaBelle& Supremes.& Marvalettes & Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye & Tempations
    STFU beyonce's lil sis.