The Latest Ryan Leslie Leak Is ‘One In A Million’

ryan_leslie_boards.jpgRyan Leslie's recent self-titled release is slowly growing on me, mainly because of my staunch dedication to give dude a chance (and the fact that I legally purchased it and don't wanna feel like a chump). But for those of you that aren't quite where I am with giving R-Les the benefit of the doubt, here's a solid leak to open your eyes and ears. We wonder why "One In A Million" didn't make the final cut, since it employs the style and phrasing he's become loved for. Additionally, for an album lacking in more up-tempo grooves, this track could've balanced the scales. Easily. 

Ryan Leslie: "One In A Million"

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2 Responses

  1. I like it and I kinda like RL too. Did he produce Slim's so fly?

  2. It sounds veryThe NEPtunesy but with that said I really like it


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