When Jazmine Sullivan Made A ‘Home’ Video

You ever wonder what it would be like to hear Jazmine Sullivan cover a classic? Well, wonder no more. Through the magic of technology and the endurance of home video (in this case, East Hill Video), we have evidence that Ms. Sullivan was always the truth. This time, as part of a stage production of The Wiz, 11-year old Jazzy channels her inner Stephanie Mills with this stirring rendition of the signature hit, "Home." Not sure what you'll be doing while watching this clip, but if you're like that 1999 audience, be prepared to clap along rhythmically, yell, and then stand and applaud as she delivers the goods like a seasoned professional. I guarantee you'll wanna pinch her cheeks and cry all at the same time. Yup, it's like that. Enjoy.

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9 Responses

  1. CHUCH! Oh she's awesome. Such a big voice for a little girl.

  2. She sounded better at 11 then half these wanna be singers out today.
    Keri Hilson, Ciara, Rhianna, Ashanti, U get my point.
    U go Jazzie!!!!

  3. Stephanie Mills is somewhere, giving a beaming salute.

  4. I know participants of the OSF meme wish they'd had this clip last Friday. WOW! So much talent at such a young age.
    Heard about you through Black Twitterati.

  5. I LOVE Jazmine Sullivan! The whole rendition is beast, but those riffs she did @ 2:39 - 2:42 ("find") & 2:50 - 2:52 ("mine")...Jesus!!! Just takes your breath away! My girl is the truth no doubt. I love how she makes this song her own (with that beautiful raspy alto) & she doesn't force a Stephanie Mills impression. All of that at 11yrs. old! Diva!!!

  6. I got chills listening to this

  7. I'll come back when i stop crying...

  8. No surprise at all. She really gives them the business towards the end there, doesn't she? Gives all the kids teased for being in Drama Club a lil bit of hope.

  9. That was dope asss hell......Jazmine Show great range, posed, showmanship.


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