Where In The World Is Missy Elliott?

missy_elliott_horsie.jpgThe last time SoulBounce heard from Missy Elliott, she was guesting alongside Ne-Yo on one hell of a Busta Rhymes' track (hell being the operative word). Apart from that, Elliott's own Block Party LP was originally supposed to come out sometime in 2007. According to Amazon, that album was due to come out February 10, 2009. I don't have to tell you what's wrong with that statement. It's safe to assume that Missy is languishing in TBA-land, a scary place from which many artists never return.

So what gives here? Missy is not totally missing in action, as proven by recent news of her Respect M.E. Ambassador Competition. However, what's up with this record? It's already been dogged by false starts and a lackluster single, but that should not be enough to keep a prolific, strong-willed and creative artist like Missy Elliott down. In a time where a successful female emcee is sorely needed in the genre, the presence of Missy would work much like a soothing salve on an open wound. Missy is generally thought of as someone (possibly the only one) keeping the door open for other viable ladies who spit. Here's hoping that she is in the lab, cooking up something as fresh as her classic debut or at the very least, one of her otherworldly, frenetic and generally dope music videos. The game needs you, Missy.


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  1. Missy is dealing with her sexuality at this time:-) she and Tweet are living happly together in Frisco. Leave her be and let her live her life:-)

  2. lol @ stoneyisland
    I'm glad i'm not the only one missing her. I still listen to her albums every now and again, especially the 1st two, so i hope that a new album will see the light of day.

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    Good question, she's had a good run though. One of the most ORIGINAL songwriters to ever make music. Her and Timbo STARTED the sound of modern R&B (Post Babyface, LA Reid, Jam and Lewis) Etc Echo's of their contributions can be heard in nearly all of the R&B that comes out today. Nothing was the same after the second Aliyah album

  4. i dont think stoney is funny at all. this article is talkn bout her career, why is her love life on the tip of your tongue? why do u c it cool to spread a rumor on a positive blk woman.
    Anyway, it may be good that missy take a lil time away. she need to live life a little to help her creative juices flow

  5. Hey Silly, I didnt post it to make you laugh, there's an old saying a hit dog will bark, maybe it's because you secretly wish YOU was living in Frisco with Missy:-) lighten up Silly

  6. I'd like to hear Missy collab with Santigold. I think some great music would come out of that.

  7. Since listening to the radio again, I was wondering what was missing. Missy is definitely missed, her and Timbo did change the scene...

  8. I really with pain because since here in Venezuela, South america, It's a Fan of her waiting for. Latest by internet is a song of her called: Rather. It's a R&B. it's a pretty song

  9. we need you missy please where ever you are plase come back you are the best and i just need to hear your voice and know thats you