Confused By Rap Lyrics? Now There’s Help

2 Nerds.gifI'm not quite sure if this is a spoof or a something genuine, but UnderstandRap, a website accepting submissions from those confused by rap lyrics, is now here to rescue hoardes of confused masses. By now most of you have seen the plethora of YouTube videos whereby a very nerdy-sounding person attempts to translate Hip Hop songs or battles line-by-line. It's cute and funny, and meant for a joke, but the last thing we need is for Grandma and Grandpa trying to figure out what "who let the dogs out" means when it's completely irrelevant to anything occurring right now. Most hilarious seems to be the section of the website offering phrases that need explaining. If for example you do not know what Common meant when he said that he and his people are "brothers from the city of wind," you have bigger problems, my friend. And Hip Hop is not one of them. Be sure to check after the bounce for one of our favorite translations of a Hip Hop battle. [H/T: IDTR]


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  1. You know, a site like this is actually very, very dearly needed.
    You're forgetting that rap has fans throughout the world, and many of them are from cultures other than America. Many of them also don't have English as their first language, so they're really unaware of any American slang (let along hip hop slang). Rock lyrics are pretty easy to decipher, but when Ice-T sings about his "bitch" problems in 99 problems, trust me, there's plenty of room to be misunderstood there..