Kelly Rowland Forming Group With Ex-DCers?

Kelly+Rowland.jpgOn the heels of the announcement that Kelly Rowland will no longer be signed to Columbia as a solo artist comes a new rumor that she also plans to part ways with Destiny's Child. On her blog, Kelly recently wrote this cryptic message:

"Thanks to you all for your support! I have some wonderful projects in the works. I've been meeting with old friends, girls you may already know, and the talks have been great. Everyone is looking forward to this new alliance and we plan to surprise you!"

"Old friends" huh, Kelly? Sources are already buzzing that Kelly has been in talks with Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson, who served as founding members of Destiny's Child before it was reduced to a trio. "Kelly wants to be a part of a group where the roles are more balanced and each member will have an equal opportunity to shine," said one source.
We're keeping our fingers crossed for you, Kelly! Read the rest of the buzz here.

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6 Responses

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!

  2. Kelly, Letoya and Latavia might as well join Ralph, Bobby and Johnny on tour.

  3. Now you KNOW that was so wrong of you to link to a youtube video of the Muppets.. LOL!

  4. And the drama ensues...
    Kelly needs to get out there and diversify her brand. Sometimes the best part about endings is the opportunity to start fresh.

  5. Avatar

    I'd love nothing more than for Kelly to succeed on her own, but I'm sorry, a wannabe DC revival has has "fail" written all over it. And unneccesary drama. Let it go Kelly, let it go.

  6. Love it. Perfect April Fool's joke. lmao.