Melanie Fiona Covers Kanye’s ‘Heartless’

8 Responses

  1. If Kanye would've had Melanie sing the hook/chorus, the song could have turned out much better.

  2. *holding gauze on the exposed white meat on my head from this vid* This is how it shoulda been done. OMG. . .she made that cover her own and freaked it.
    Ye would have been better off giving her that jawn instead of autotuning it all to be damned.

  3. I LOVED it!!!!!!!! She made this song her own. I can't wait to her CD drops.

  4. She is the truth.
    SCORE for live instrumentation + real sangin.

  5. I didn't appreciate this song until I heard someone else cover it. She killed it... I like the Fray's version too.

  6. I enjoyed this version, BUT I lke Kanye's also. The lyrics (his) the voice (his) the auto-tune (trendy) = the hit we loved already 🙂 I'm just payin homage.

  7. Now this is enjoyable! Mr. West should feel quite foolish.
    A real live singer w/a real live band. *refreshing*

  8. Hmm... never really cared for the song until now. Much better